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i have an account as moonlite violet but i also have one as catalina stormcrow i fully intend on using only the catalina account and was wandering how can i get all my inventory from the moonlite violet account to the catalina account

moonlite Violet
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For anything that allows transfer, log in as Moonlite, search for Catalina's profile, and give those items to catalina via the "give inventory field" on the profile. For money (L$) pay their profile the L$. For land, sell them the land.

For any "No Transfer" items? Can't be done legally. Buty new copies of those items for Catalina.

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You will only be able to transfer those items that are transferable (i feel silly every time i type that because its so redundant).  When it comes to items like furniture, plants or other items that you rez in world (versus items you might wear) you can rez those on the land where the new av will live and leave them there, make sure you give permissions to both avatars to modify/edit the other one's objects.

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