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How write/search specific coordinates in Map

Irene Muni
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Irene.Muni wrote:

In the Map I can write and search the name of a region. But how/where can I write a specific coordinates for that region?

You can't.


Clumsy work-around:

  • open the Map and search for the region you want
  • click the copy SLurl button
  • close the map and click in the navigation/URL bar
  • paste the SLurl and adjust the coordinates there
  • hit <enter> to teleport
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Thank you very much everybody!

I thought it was me who could not find it ...

Buf, I don't understand the Beta Viewer. Sometimes it seems as if Microsof release a "Windows 8" that had to type "delete", "dir *.*", "copy c:"...

Thanks for the answers (of course, JIRA voted).

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