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Will LL pay for my meds?

Cinnamon Lohner
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It's so exciting -- this learning curve, the new finds.. the ones you have to look for, and then remember....

the joy at.. discovering something magical that you think.... 'perfect'..... why wasn't this here before............

yes.. it is so new, but... I need to stretch.. to grow, to be on the cutting edge........ Going to work it until it is play !!

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They should call it "Degeneration 2.0" instead of "Viewer 2.0": Beside the cool under the hood features it's cramped with lot of useless and annoying crap nobody ever needs and completely messed up and in most parts not configurable bloated user interface with direct access to the aforementioned crap but click orgies to find the important features. I'll better wait until the Emerald dev team incorporated the new tech features into their 1.x viewer. LLs viewer 2.0 is simply unuseable.

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Well after have a look at Viewer 2.0 i think i will leave it as long as I can. It seems to me

that Linden has missed something called ergonomy which mean it should be easy to read

and easy to use and suitable for the user. I agree with what is said about being messed up,

but then as the ppl at Linden are more used to program cartoons i can understand it.

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