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Opened new acc't and didn't recieve email?

MsEve Seerose
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It has been two days now with no email. I did another account this am, double checked the email (using a different one) and it has been 4 hours and still haven't recieved an email. It is very frustrating because it literally took me hours apon hours, both times, to find my last name so that the new avatar has the same. The new avatar is to be a baby so of course..... Anyway, I just don't understand why I am not getting the emails and I am not going to keep trying because I am worried about the last name thing.....

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Check the spam and trash folders. If it isn't there, you can open a ticket with you email and use the one for trouble opening an account. They will send you an email for info. You answer those questions and they will manually set you up. You then call to get the temporary password to get online. Takes about 2 days or so....good luck

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