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☆ 【LOOKING FOR A JOB and PEOPLE SEEKING FOR BLOGGERS】 ☆ *Click for more Details*


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Hello everyone,

★ I'm currently looking for a job...

Because I am in an SL Band and as of now I'm having problems on gaining more money since being in a band is hard you need money to get the things you need like the clothing and stuffs when performance is near. btw the salary for the band I'm in is Tip based so I dont gain money much and we do concerts for free

I am....
☑ Reliable
☑ Friendly
☑ Works professionally
☑ Can use Photoshop
☑ And willing to learn

★ And I'm currently looking for people who seeks bloggers too especially male

Well I have a blog I want to take my blog to the next level, have sponsors and gain popularity. I want to help people with their fashion as well and recommend them the stores that they need for their desired look.
In my Blog I have posted my OOTDs, Band Announcements and explores, I have flickr account as well and I will post the links below:

Blog: http://shin-oniichan.tumblr.com/
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/113879832@N02/


I dont know where to get sponsors for my blog so I went in here as well...

Please contact me by IMing or just reply in here~


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Nice to meet you, I am beethros Karas

I'm looking for people to work with me.

I have a Virtual Estate Company (BEE) and also a LIVE Music Venue that opens usually on summer season.

For this season , we are looking for a manager (better we can say it event coordinator)

The Task is to call and book artists who willing to perform for tips only, or for a very small logig fee.

Payment is L$100 per event. (Needs to be posted from you)

When/If the "manager" succeed to bring a full weekly schedule with at least 5 weekly events during the week and 5 on weekends, (Needs works it isnt that easy as it sounds) then there is a bonus skybox, free to use, with a capacity of 100 prims (1/4SIM) for an 8 weeks period as BONUS and 50% from the Venue Tip Jar.

If of cource the manager wants to be also a host, they can have a 2nd tip jar on and receive the 100% of the hosting tips aswell.

Well in your case, you have 1 step front of others.. 

You can book yourself! So you have 1 less event to care of :)

I was always wanted to be promoted in blogs, but usually bloggers are advertising clothes, but if you believe you can do lands,

I would be glad to colaborate.

And last, is something you can do it meanwhile.

Its Land Agent. All you need to do is have it posted somewhere (your profile? Your blog? ) and when people call you to ask about it, then you simply pass them to me. Thats enough for you to get payed 10%  from whatever they will pay me the first time.

"Example: A parcel of 4096m - 937 prims - L$1,099/w - If they pay 4 weeks, then you will receive L$440"

Here is all the info needed.

The Mall Street Group

The Mall Street Calendar

The Mall Street Teleport URL

The Mall Street  Social Network


Thanks for your time,


P.S. - I Hope my weird English accent, syntax, and grammar was good enough to be clear of what Im asking. ;)




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Hey there!  I currently am a host manager at a club in SL who happens to have openings for DJ's and Hosts.  If you are interested in potentially expanding your fan base and possibly are interested in a position with us, I can talk with you and get your more information!  Just message me in-world or send me a NC!  I look forward to hearing from you! 


leorah (kissingtherain Resident)


Host Manager at T.N.C. (Treasures Night Club)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3594 days.

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