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(Hope in right section) A suggestion for SL developers

Matthew Weiger
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Please give us more pick space there is alot of spaces and very limited picks we want to be able to pick are fav spots but we can't fit every spot we like in are picks and it would be nice to be able too please give us updates on this if possible if not can you explain business why you cannot

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People have long been using picks mainly for two very different purposes, one being as you describe it (and evidently its originally intended one), which is to list places you like; for these, the assigned SLURL tends to be the only relevant info, since the text & image are often exact replicas of the place's original picture & description and thus don't really contribute any further info. The other common usage is for personal info, where the reverse happens: the pick's SLURL often has little or no bearing to its text & picture (in fact some people set dummy locations to these).

For this reason it might be time for LL to rework the entire thing, splitting it into:

- An actual picks list where, since the SLURL is the only thing worth storing, probably they could allowfor more than 10 indeed, and let the picture & description for each be retrieved on demand from the original (thus with the additional benefit of being always be up-to-date).

- A more flexible section for personal info, covering in a reasonable way most of the common uses: friends, partners, personal descriptions, store descriptions & policies, pictures, internal & external links, lists of do's/don'ts or likes/dislikes, hobbies, perhaps even rich text. I gather this might be much more complex to implement, but it wouldn't be the first time Linden Labs tries to play catch up to social networking sites where all these things are readily available.


Still, for all that I don't see any of it happening soon... not even your far simpler “just allow more picks”. I'm not going to venture statistics, but it seems to me that a clear majority of users don't even come near to using the 10 picks currently allowed (or, for that matter, many other sections in their profiles)... and if so, Linden Labs could well argue that the effort will go wasted on the average user, and suggest that the power user simply extends his available info by means of external links (which many already do, to sites such as Flickr, Facebook, blogs, etc).

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To get a feature addition or change made, place the request in the JIRA, not here. Lindens that can do something with your request will not see it here.

Look for Issue Type, the second field. Set it to feature request.

To have any chance of having a feature changed or added give a good user case for it, meaning explain how you would use it and why what is available now is lacking. 

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