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City Sim Looking for members


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SeaSide Heights is a brand new sim. We are in need of rpers. We offer the following roles


General Citizen 
Police Department
Fire Depertment / EMS/EMT
Hospital Staff
Department of Transport
Biker MC
Club Stripper / Hooker

Criminals as well


Contact Kasey Abbot, lonewolfnz Cyberstar, Manny Ashland, or TheonlyJohnny if interested

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I am an experienced paragraph roleplayer specializing in Paramedic Roleplay and for the past eighteen months I have lead several Medical/Rescue RP groups. I am currently training to become an EMT in RL and last week, my previous home sim closed, leaving me and several of my fellow Emergency Medical/Rescue RP’ers without a home. 

Details on my past and experience are available through my resume (attached).  In sum, I have been paragraph roleplaying for two years now and I have been roleplaying the fire/emergency medical/rescue field for over 20 months now.  I have been a group leader for nearly 18 months now and during this 18 month tenure has served in moderator positions as well.  As I have mentioned, I am in the process of becoming an EMT IRL and have taken in advanced to get a head start FEMA Emergency Management Institute Courses, including those that teach how to lead an emergency service.  My experience leading (EMS/Rescue) Groups in SL’s RP has been for a large part very positive:  in my first post I quickly became very popular in a community much like DA’s, in my post as Deputy Chief of Fire Operations in Lansing City Advanced ParaRP, I quickly won through hard work, effective leadership, and dedication the respects and admiration of at least 95% if not more of my crew, as per my Chief (Dragovar), many of whom followed me to my last sim and is still following me to places I go to and establish fire/rescue groups, and I expect many of them to come with me to DA if the opportunity for our type of RP would be made available here.  As per my crew, they are not too small in numbers but more importantly, mostly qualified and competent RP’ers and RP’ers in the field of fire, rescue, and EMS.  Most are very knowledgeable with their roleplay specialty (firematics/rescue, ems, or both) and almost all are either qualify pararoleplayers or at least capable of the semi-para level of rp.  My crowd also boasts several RL Emergency Personnel, another RL trainee like myself, an RL Former FD Hiring Manager who made Captain at only age 21, as well as several highly loyal and dedicated members.  The staff roster for the last Fire Department that I was chief of can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlCTdS6FMKJydHFyNWhFQUZUaV83Nk1SUm9GeC1pM1E&usp=sharing.  Once again I do plan on inviting my staff there as they all don’t have anywhere to RP anymore and if I am approved to established the DA Fire Rescue EMS each of them will be offered an automatic transfer including name, rank, numbers, training credits, etc.  I have also attached to this NC my policies for my last place as I plan to use similar policies but will edit my policies to better suit the DA Community-I am also willing to consider any changes by request as well.  I have also attached the application I created for a previous group, once again, I once again plan to use something similar.  

As I have mentioned, me and my folks are currently without a home and I would like to hear more about  this new sim.  What style of roleplay-casual, semipara, para?  Aditionally, if theres any way I can help-pls let me know-as i got nothing to do ATM and I'll be happy to see what i can do.  If it is possible-perhaps I can consider moving my homeless crew over to your sim and establish ourselves in your FD?

Sincerely and Respectfully Yours,

Marty J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG)


SL RP'ers Resume:

Martin J.G. “Marty” Cai (CaiMartinJG)
SL Rez Date (Original): 04 February 2011
15 May 2014

SUMMARY: Marty Cai (CaiMartinJG) is a distinguished ParaRoleplayer predominantly playing on SecondLife. Cai has served in several leadership positions on several sims, including serving as Hospital Administrator ((Medical Group Leader)) in a popular SL Roleplay Community for six months and after that serve as a moderator while helping some friends establish their own roleplay community. Cai is also moderated for an aspiring, World-of-Darkness Roleplay sim with predominantly heavy roleplayers like Cai himself as members. After that, Cai joined the Lansing Fire Department in December 2013 and very soon thereafter he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and placed in charge of that department's EMS Operations, he served in that position for about two weeks and then was once again promoted this time to the rank of Deputy Chief of Operations, in which post he currently served for over a month until a chance of command (and plans), and, now Captain of the Lansing FD EMS Division, is still consistently receiving positive remarks and ratings from both members of the Lansing community, his crew, as well as his chief. In March of 2014, Chief Cai accepted an appointment to the Chief position of the La Puerta County FD in New Providence ParaRoleplay, a once popular urbacn city advanced pararoleplay sim. Here, Chief Cai wrote the Department SOPs along with some help using SOPs written by Chief Keragon Dragovar (Canton/Lansing FD Ret.) as a model. In this post, Chief Cai not only lead his department but also actively recruited members for both the department and the sim, as well as manage the logistics of the department including making arrangements to obtain uniforms and vehicle skins. Circa June 2013 Cai had the honour of being recruited for the management team of an SL RP sim for elite players only, enticed with the opportunity to meet the best of the best like him and make excellent connections. Cai predominantly plays in emergency services roles such as Police and EMS on urban/noir roleplay sims but is also partial to familial roleplays and may from time to time stretch his interests elsewhere as well.

OBJECTIVE: To obtain challenging lead, staff, and management positions in the many wonderful Roleplay Cities (Sims) and Emergency Services Roleplay groups of SecondLife where I can put into play my skills and abilities in roleplay and leadership, where I can progress and improve, and most of all, where I can volunteer my time, efforts, expertise and give back to the roleplay community as much as I reap its benefits.

As a leader I prefer to approach any leadership jobs at any level with what I like to call a “mentor-advocate” style. Instead of standing to the side, viewing myself as above all subordinates, pulling rank, and giving out orders for others to carry out only to take credit for all the work later on, I prefer to see myself as an equal member of the team who only has a different responsibility (to provide leadership). As a leader and mentor I strive to help my people strengthen and better themselves, I strive to help them succeed and help the group as a whole strengthen, improve, and succeed, while performing the same work they do alongside of them as I see myself as no different form anyone else. Instead of just standing there and giving orders, I try instead to help my crew learn, improve, and know what best to do in each situation they may be placed in to the best of our ability. As a leader and advocate, I do my best to look out for my crew and their needs, and to take care of them not only to better them as workers but also to assist them in whatever may be needed. This may mean outsourcing and approaching superiors to get my team what we need to succeed, listening to someone when they need to vent or tell me something, be it related to the team or not, defending and representing my people’s interest to the best of my ability whenever it is possible/appropriate. As a group leader I tend to do more logistics and organization work versus just calling out orders: for example, whenever a call comes in the first thing I do is refresh my group, find out who’s on, and offer each member signed on a teleport to the scene and put out a tones notice in the group so everyone-online or offline can be aware. I may then aproportion my crew as necessary if more than one task needs to be completed and especially if more than one unit is responding. While I do run a tight ship and hold high-standards, in SL I also do prefer to take a more laid back style of leadership versus being an ultra strict drill sergeant. No, it shouldn’t be a free-for all do whatever you want, but I don’t see the need to be ultra tough and ruin the fun for others either-after all this is a game and it should be fun (and with that said, if someone else’s ruining others fun, especially intentionally, I’ll be more than happy to immediately remove them as well). If I see something I don’t like, I would first, as long as it’s not a serious offense, ask the offender nicely to cease and desist and give a warning or two before I refer the person up the chain of command. If it is something more serious, then I’d let the person know what they did wrong, that they’re being referred then proceed to refer. Being the “mentor-advocate” type leader, the type who looks out for my people, I would much more rather be approachable than mean, scary, and strict. As with any roleplay I take part in, as soon as I decide to invest in the sim, at any level (sim staff, group lead, member, etc) I almost always put the sim before myself (as I am a community-oriented person), doing what’s best for everyone as a whole, and I personally enjoy helping promote and grow the communities I am part of. I take pleasure in (1) getting the word out about the community and especially (2) when I see someone new on sim, I make sure I IM the person and welcome them, and let them know to please feel free to contact me if they need anything or have any questions, and if I can, when I’m looking for something to do, I prefer to engage a new person on sim in a RP and use that as an additional method of welcoming them than to roleplay with something who’s already established themselves on sim, someone I already know. As a leader I like to do whatever I can to help my people and help them succeed.


-Recruited for Lead Medical position (Staff member on Management Team) on Selective ParaRP Community (must qualify based on skills/be invited to join community). Community for only the top and best pararoleplayers in SL


• Level: Expert Paragraph-Roleplayer
• Roleplaying Since: 28 May 2012
• Para-Roleplaying Since: 15 June 2012



• Department Chief, La Puerta County Fire Department, New Providence Advanced ParaRP (March 2014-Present)
o Actively recruited for both department and sim, quickly raised sizeable staff, wrote SOPs, provided leadership, support, and mentoring for staff both IC and OOC, advocated interests of staff team and handled logistics and upkeep of department.
o References: Aiden Caudron, Sim Owner

• Fire/EMS Officer, Lansing Fire Department (January 2014-May 2014)
o Captain (EMS): 19 Feb 2014-May 2014
o Deputy Chief of Operations: 02 Jan 2014 - 19 Feb 2014
o Lieutenant (EMS): 18 December 2013 - 02 Jan 2014
o Hired as Paramedic: 10 December 2013
o Responsibilities (As DC): Reports directly to the Fire Chief and may fill in when they are absent. Directly monitors and communicates with officers and provides suggestions to the Fire Chief as well as helping assist in their capacity.
As Lt./Capt: Provided Leadership, Guidance, and Training for the EMS Division as Commanding Officer EMS.
o References: Keragon Dragovar, Chief (Ret) (EMTP, LT, DC), Francisdom Weder, Chief (DC, Capt-EMS).
o Sim: North Lansing

• Moderator, Wendigo Lake Roleplay (October 2013-December 2013)
o References: Jon Vetinari (effluvium) (Owner), Tori Nolan (Admin), Cobrikhan Moonshadow (Admin)
o Performed general moderation and security duties while tasked with being a roleplay moderator. Received training from Admin on performing moderation duties.
o Sim: Wendigo Lake

• Moderator, Wastelands Post Apocalyptic DCS2 Roleplay (August 2013)
o Assisted in establishment of this Roleplay Sim. Actively recruited players and worked on player retention. Advertised sim, greeted newcommers as they arrived on sim in addition to providing information and offering assistance. Facilitated and encouraged roleplays whenever/whereever possible. In addition to traditional moderator/faction duties.
o References: Draco Bashir, Creator/Owner, misandrall, Creator/Owner
o Sim: Cipanas

• Factions Leader, Wastelands Post Apocalyptic DCS2 Roleplay (August 2013-September 2013)
o Hospital Chief (August 2013-September 2013)
o Sheriff (August 2013)
o References: Draco Bashir, Creator/Owner, misandrall, Creator/Owner
o Sim: Cipanas

• Hospital Administrator, Syn City Hospital (20 January 2013-20 July 2013)
o References: Kali Ireman, Sim Owner
o Primary Responsibility: To keep the hospital running, to deal with staff issues, take care of any issues which may arise, and to ensure that everything needed is taken care of.
o Actively recruited staff, as well as organized and arranged staff for roleplays.
o Responsible for increasing hospital activity, staff numbers, as well as improving the quality of medical roleplays in sim.
o Sample work: syncityhospitalsl.prophpbb.com

• Chief, Haunted Hills Emergency Medical Services (January 2013-Present)
o References: Hunter Magic, Commissioner; Arianna Violet, Commissioner; Buildergal Darkfire, Commissioner
o Primary Author of HHEMS Personnel Handbook and HHEMS Training Manual
o Refer to: hhemsdeptsl.prophpbb.com

• Chief, Seven Falls Fire Department (March-April 2013)
o Responsible mainly for assisting with calls and providing department with leadership during calls.
o Resigned due to other commitments.

• Chief of Police, Angeles Vista Police Department (September 2013-October 2013)
o References: Renita Yardley, Owner, Grigori Yardley, Owner
o Sim: Hae An


• Dead End Police Department (July-October 2012)
o Rank at Resignation: Officer I
o General Duties Patrol Officer
o 110 Case Reports filed At Time of Resignation.
o Reference: Shade Manx, Chief (Ret.)
o Sim: Dead End

• Oceana Police Department (October 2012-January 2013)
o Assisted in Writing the OPD Department Handbook with Marcus Warbunsee.
o Assisted in Recruitment Efforts
o Positions: OPD Trainer
o References: Jewels Silverblade, Owner; Deteric Furyo, Oceana Civil Defense Internal Affairs.
o Sim: Oceana

• Dead End Fire Department (November 2012-Present)
o Rank: Paramedic
o Primary Responsible for answering Medical Calls.
o References: Coyoti Kharg, Chief (Ret); Melangell Dylasari (koosh.lilliehook), Chief.
o Sim: Dead Fall

• Phoenix City Police Department (November 2012-January 2013)
o Rank: Recruit
o General Duties Patrol Officer
o Reference: JohnSolo Ghost, Chief
o Sim: Vingolf

• Canton Fire Department (December 2012)
o Rank: Probationary
o Primarily Responsible for Answering EMS and Fire Calls.
o References: Keragon Dragovar, Chief
o Sim: City of Canton (closed)

• Meridian Fire Department (January 2012)
o Rank: Probationary
o Primarily Responsible for Answering EMS and Fire Calls
o Reference: Jonathan Arna, Chief
o Sim: Muleberry Acres

• Syn City Medical Center Hospital
o Paramedic (December 2012-July 2013)
o Hospital Administrator (January 2013-July 2013)
o Sim: Syn City

• Crael Fire Department (February 2013-Present)
o Emergency Medical Technician (full-fledged member)
o Reference: Dlee Babii, Chief
o Sim: Crael

• Wendigo Lakes Sheriff's Department (September 2013-December 2013)
o Sheriff's Deputy
o References: Jon Vetinari (effluvium), Owner
o Sim: Wendigo Lake

• Expert Advanced ParaRP'er
• RP EMS Skills Consistently Rated Superior/Well Above Average for SL Standards
o Reference: Keragon Dragovar, Chief, Canton FD

• Capable of Working with Tredpro TPF Fire System
• Capable of Written Communications in English and Italian (Conversational)
• Capable Only of Spoken Communications in Chinese (Limited Mandarin and Conversational Cantoneese)
• Experience with VICE and DCS

• Occupation: Student
• GPA: 3.89/4.0
• WGPA: 4.3410/4.0
• Judge, Local Debate League (September 2013-Present)
• Former Student Government Officer (Class Secretary). Served for two academic terms (school years) Dec 2011-June 2013.
• Teacher's Aide, Local Church Faith Formation Center (Sep 2011-May 2012)
• Certifications: ICS-100, ICS-200, NIMS-700, NRF-800
Works In Progress: EMT Certification, FEMA Professional Development Series
• Time Zone: SLT +3. Residence: Greater NYC Area


• City of Concord (May 28, 2012-August 2012)
o Sim: City of Concord (closed)

• The Crack Den (June 15, 2012-Present)
o CD Felon
o CD Victim
o Sim: Hathian

• Dead End RP (July 11, 2012-Present)
o Sim: Dead End

• City of Canton (October-December 2012)
o Sim: City of Canton (closed)

• City of Phoenix (November 2012-January 2013)
o Sim: Vingolf (closed)

• Haunted Hills RP (2013)
o Sim: Weston Falls

• Syn City (Dec 2012-Jul 2013)
o Highest DCS Level: 13 (alt), Lvl 12 (this account)
o Sim: Syn City

• Crael City RP (February 2013-Present)
o Sim: Crael

• Seven Falls RP (March-April 2013)
o Sim: Village of Flora

• Wastelands City Post Apocalyptic DCS2 Roleplay (August -September 2013)
o Sim: Cipanas

• Angeles Vista (September-October 2013)
o Sim: Hae An

• Wendigo Lake World-of-Darkness Roleplay (September 2013-December 2013)
o Sim: Wendigo Lake

• New Lansing Urban City Advanced ParaRoleplay (December 2013-Present)
o Sim: North Lansing

• New Providence Urban City Advanced ParaRoleplay (April 2014-May 2014)

Thank you for your interest, References Furnished Upon Request.



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it was not taken unrightfully, point taken is, you know NOTHING about firefighter rp, the sim owner himself saw all the mistakes you made, so if anyone else has questions, direct them towards me or lonewolfnz cyberstar. I would be happy to answer any and all questions about the sim and the NEW FD i am chief of at seaside heights. 

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