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Void Singer

What's wrong with this script?


I already know, this is just a test post to check various methods of posting code.
But feel free to speak up if you know the answer

integer  Range     = 40;
float    Arc       = 2 * PI;
float    Frequency = 10.0;
list     Previous;
integer  Search;
string   Target;

          llSensorRepeat( "", "", AGENT, Range, Arc, Frequency );
     sensor( integer Sensed ){
               Target = llDetectedKey( --Sensed );
               Search = llListFindList( Previous, Target );
               if (Search = -1){
                    Previous = Target + llList2List( Previous, 0, 78 ); llDialog( Target, "Message ", [], -42 );
          }while (Sensed)

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It will take a script to manage signatures best.  Here is something that can hide or change the signature colors for now.


      /* Make the signatures lighter */
      color: #7f7f7f;

      /* Uncomment the next line to hide signatures */
      /* visibility: hidden; */

      color: black;

Let's start another thread it we want to talk about this more?

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