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Creating another AV

Mik3 Bernandes
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I had the same problem a long time ago lol it is so frustrating awww , but I decided to go to the house of a friend and I make another count there and is better because it has two different IP and yes I have to make another Email account but everything is better now.

I hope you can find a solution to your problem hun.

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Hello Mik3, you can submit a Ticket with Support at http://support.secondlife.com/ see Ticket Types

Be sure to use the Special Questions - Basic Account or Guest Login ticket type from the dropdown list when entering the information requested.

Basic account holders and Guests can submit tickets for the following issues:

Account issue: Use these if you're having a problem creating or logging into their account

  • I can't create an account: Please give as much specific information as you can, including the text from any error messages.
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