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The Dartmoor Academy - The Secret World Role Play Sim


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The Dartmoor Academy of St. Columba

Combining gameplay and story line of The Secret World with the role play possabilities of Second Life.


The Dartmoor Academy, situated on the edge of the Dartmoor in southern Devonshire, hails itself as a preparatory college for young students looking to insinuate themselves into the larger universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or further abroad. From Highway A38 that runs its south-eastern edge, the stoic stone and iron fence, and the weathered brass sign with letters in some basic font give no clue as to the scholarly institution within.

But when one looks a little closer at the demure institution and its students in their dour grey and black uniforms, they might notice the dark gleam in the eyes of the attendees, or that they very rarely attend higher education - vanishing into some unseen world when their education is complete. One might even hear strange incantations slipping out of an opened window, or the reverberating echo of automatic weapons’ fire through the brick walls themselves.

The school does not appear on any official registry in the United Kingdom, nor the world at large. And none of the universities for which it is supposedly designed to prepare its students for entry have ever officially heard of the Dartmoor Academy. What actually occurs at the Dartmoor Academy of St. Columba is a mystery known only by its students and faculty.

Visit the school in world!  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidden%20Village/137/138/3151

Visit our Website for more information.  http://dartmooracademy.com

-- Arcane University Prep school role play linked with The Secret World MMO.

-- We have a multi factioned Cabal inside The Secret World

-- Chat with the Cabal while in SL, TSW, or on your Phone by joining our IRC channel


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Apart from further immersion into the Secret World, the Academy offers college-level school RP with an arcane twist, upcoming classes on a variety of subjects, and fully furnished dorm rooms available for rent (L$1000 /month for 50 prims, furnishings are quality items made by some of SL's best designers, and removable if a more personal touch is wanted.)

Additionally, there is greater connectively through the Academy's IRC channel.

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That introduction was kickass!

But- ahem. I would love to join if I could~! I saw the trailer for the mmo and had no idea such a thing even existed. So yeah... Mind blown. But I love conspiracies and fantasy-junk so i'd love to be apart of it!

Only thing is... Uh- if I were to become a student at this prestigious academy... What say you- - if you could wave the fee off?

I literally no L$...

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Quick FAQ: 

-- Light RP Cabal that combines the game play of TSW with the better RP possibilities of Second Life.

-- Light RP meaning we push being in character but do not require full RP scenes, although we will be having RP events in SL and some members like to setup RP scenes in TSW.

-- Multi-Faction Cabal

-- School is open to all, you do not have to be in the Cabal to RP at our area in Second Life.

-- Over 18 only, even your RP characters. Because we do have sexual options available at the school in Second Life we do require that people be 18 and over, even in character.

-- Classes to teach about dungeon fights, builds, character creation and more done in character at our school in SL.

-- Games, dancing, drinking, movies and more at the student building inside SL.

-- View our website at dartmooracademy.com

-- Uses IRC chat program to allow members logged into TSW, SL, or just on their phone to chat together.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2741 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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