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I agree with Madi,


I was pretty upset thinking something happend, as I have a new system I do not recognize all the changes yet, and do not know how to catogrise them as I used to in my old system. It was easy them... ''this and that happens/--- Oh right such and so is the answer''. Check here and there. Mostly to satisfaction and to calming nerves. Now I had nothing to lean back on and had not anywhere to search at first, till I found the blogs/ formums of SL. I am also a new Members here, not unknown to 3D Chat on other channels, so this is a common issue. But I was really relieved to find that this happens all over, not that I wish this was going on at all. Just made me more secure that this is not an issue to my new pc with system I do not correctly control yet.

So thanks forum for letting us know this is going on at this moment, and no matter if anyone complains. It made me feel a heck of a lot better, that I was not the only one.

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Schmooples wrote:

Jefferson Dagger wrote:

...stuck on an elevator between floors playing Justin Bieber "music" at 97 degrees with high humidity and nobody put on deoderant this morning...



And then someone breaks wind

"...hey, you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

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i like to hear all sides. gives me more to giggle about later.


but yeah, many spend alot of money one way or another here.


larger amounts of members will become more annoyed as this goes on longer. sucks but we're all equal in that suckage.


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Aislin Ceawlin wrote:

It's there, you aren't looking on the right place. It's between Blog Feeds and Upcoming events right on your dashboard home page

On the viewer dashboard?  Not on mine... perhaps it's a setting?  Or maybe it doesn't show because the GRID IS FUGGERED!  >.< ;)

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