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Sion Pearl

BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ -or, the roleplay hangout what i just built

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A new venture by BaC® (the new brand identity of Barthes LLc®), the BaC® Conflict Management Centre™ supplies a relaxing, tasteful venue for individuals of all nations, species, planets and timestreams to work, play, and work out conflicts with a dedicated conflict management staff.

All are welcome. For a price. We're not a charity.

It's not so much a roleplay venue as an in-character hangout. All characters from other settings are welcome to bring their stories here and maybe interact with others. It's themed as a corporate-owned diplomatic outpost (with a slight edge of satire, i admit) and absolutely anyone can come here as their own characters with whatever baggage they might have. Think of it as a venue where you can have crises on infinite earths.

SLURL (just down the road from Graves and next door to MetaTheodora)
Huge explanatory blog post

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