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Viewing Fitted Mesh

Chic Aeon
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I just updated Firestorm from an older version and now have a fitted mesh viewer.

I am however STILL having issues viewing what I perceive to be fitted mesh. It is not on me but on others. Without the fitted mesh viewer I saw huge long trails of a single color (often several strands) reaching out from avatars in highly populated fashionista places.

I thought that was behind me but I just had a similar occurence albeit much less dramatic.

If it isn't a fitted mesh viewer issue, is it is MESH issue? I have no problems with the small amount of fitted mesh that I have in my inventory and the new SL mesh avatars load perfectly. So it isn't ALL fitted mesh.

I haven't seen much on the forum about this, but if anyone has ideas I would be happy to hear them. Thanks.

I do know that over on another grid all mesh (deformer or regular and possibly fitted) are not the same and there are sometimes pesky flashing issues -- again only with SOME mesh, others are fine.



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Thanks. NOT a blob, but a long thin line that goes on for many meters (maybe 16). Will try and get a shot next time it happens.


I am on Ultra so not a issue with being on a low setting. I did try the Linden viewer when it occured with the same person tonight. Same issue. So that rules out the viewer part of the equation. MUCH not working well this afternoon and eve including animation jerks and such. So it might just be a general (BAD) day :D.

Will update this when I can get a shot assuming it still keeps happening.

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You get the prize. TY.  My issue NOW (was much worse of course when I didn't have a fitted mesh veiwer :D) looks very much like the photo of the Truth hair. Actually the problem I found last night WAS on hair. So will live with it until it is fixed.   My framerate already seems slower so will bypass the work around for now and just keep derending folks LOL. 

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