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What does "Connection Closed" mean?


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It means what is says ;) A connection was closed due to some issues between your PC and the server that hosts the profiles. The reason for that can be many things. Like a timeout for the request "I want to see the profile", a anti virus software or by a firewall. Or simply a bug on the server side. Oh, if you wonder why the rest of the internet still works... the internet is not made linear/serial, but all works parrallel, and if you open a site or even SL, there are many connections open. And if you want to access the profiles another connection is opened. But gets closed for some reason mentioned above. Since all your accounts can't access profiles you might need to test what cause that. Try to restart your DSL modem/router and if that has no use, try to disable the firewall and antivirus one after the other. But only test the profiles while the anti virus is off and also don't start any other software that access the internet.

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