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1250 L Grant from System in Account Listing

Ronaldr Uriza
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Hi Ronaldr,

It IS a benefit of being a premium member but it is not your weekly stipend and not everyone gets the grant at the same time.  I've received a couple of these in the past.  They are always a pleasent surprise    But I too, would like to know why they are sent or what triggers the event.  Perhaps someone out there will know!


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I'm not sure but, L$250 for your card details + L$1000 for choosing Premium? See Linden Lab official: Linden Grant

Seen a "Linden Grant" in your transaction history but confused what it means?

A "Linden Grant" is not like a grant one would receive for educational or research purposes.

The term "Linden Grant" refers to the bonuses and stipends whichthe system automatically grants a Resident for upgrading to a Premiumaccount and storing billing information.

You receive the grant 60 days after storing your cardinformation and upgrading to Premium. You get a full grant of L$1250for this:

  • L$250 for your card details.
  • L$1000 for choosing Premium.

These details appear on your transaction history (in the Second Life Viewer, found under World > Account History) as a "Linden Grant".

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Since everything is all so legal this and illegal that these days i am compelled to point out that you are not allowed to copy information from those "Offical Linden Lab Information" pages.


Official Linden Lab® Information: This article is part of the Second Life® Knowledge Base. You may access and link to this page, but you may not copy, distribute, modify, adapt, or translate any content on this page. This content is subject to the Terms of Service and is not available under the Creative Commons or any other license.


Have a suggestion to improve this page? Contact us.


lmao (at LL for that 'not allowed to copy', excessive use of power i think)

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Additionally, even though they no longer have a referral program, if you ever did refer anyone when the program still existed and the person now becomes premium, you still get the bonus --- or at least I did, twice now.  Though I also think that mine specifically said it was a referral bonus.

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