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Is it abuse to be a male in RL playing a female avatar in SL?

Deanna Moonwall
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Abuse is defined by the action and not by the gender of the player or his/her avatar.  So the short answer to your question is none.

The longer answer is defined by the TOS.  It says if you feel you are being abused you should file an AR.

Is there a specific issue you are concerned with?


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What I think this person is trying to say is is it abuse, when a Male, plays a female in SecondLife, and hits on other men who are straight, and lies to them about being a femake aka ITS A TRAP!...

Well Linden Lab wont ban someone who does this type of stuff AKA trolling, The person who is offended would have to tell them it is unwanted, and mute them, before they could properly file abuse report on the issue and actually get the person banned.

Yes this stuff works both ways I have been through those issues before in SL where someone claims harassment, and have had my account logged off by Linden Lab Employee while they checked logs and stuff before too, I cant say that lying to people is right, but people do it, and the best way if you want to avoid is to never trust anyone over the internet at least with real life, and if you really wish to know someone get them to talk with you on voice, phone call you, and send pictures/webcam, if they refuse you might not want to go anymore into relationships in SL, or virtual life or whatever because it could be fake.

Again Linden Lab doesn't really get into residentual disbutes which I really like.


And Yes I agree if someone is feeling they are being abused, they should file an abuse report, However do not expect Linden Lab to just jump in and banhammer a person without evidence. A person can post all kinds of propaganda about you on the internet, harass your IM's outside of SecondLife, Audio Log your voice in SL Disclose outside, they wont do a single thing, unless they actually find something of you iming that person in sl saying something rude or hateful of nature, or threatening. I myself have people who have threatend me in SecondLife because of propaganda posted about them outside of SecondLife, and i said straight out, I dont care Report me. Simply because LL has no Logs, and because they are making a threat to me in an IM, and I know for a fact that Linden Lab isn't just going to ban an account over an abuse report without reviewing our unencrypted im's. Which means they would see what they wrote first when I havent talked to them in over 8 months and they call harassment on me. Linden Lab can't afford the bad reputations, anyone who has common sense knows there are many conflicts that happen because of how Unique SecondLife is, but to just go and ban a bunch of accounts on reports with no evidence, even if they did break the TOS but dont have enough, it would make LindenLab look really bad, even though they could, not to mention the loss of all the money they could have put into SecondLife, it would make future people not want to even join it, which is why they wont just go and kick off a bunch of users without looking over logs and everything first. I have seen how they check stuff, and Just recently my friend admitted to Linden Lab they provided false registration details to them, and they only got a warning because they said they lived out of the U.S when they signed up. I guess LindenLab does look at things like this and actually give people a chance too.

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It is not and if you think it over could be kind of an advantage. If you engage a relationship with a woman that is a man in rl / a man that is a woman in RL, and you discover thatin the right moment - that is the day you find her/him laid with another one (and it WILL happen, be sure) - it will hurt a little bit less.

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Interesting post.

Never thought it was an issue I play my wife's avatar in dark-role play sim.  Just liked the tough

female fighter type. Problem was when the Demon raped me, not so much that I got raped by a

demon but when I told my wife about it she was less than amused, "What are you doing to my

poor little avatar!"  Then later I was captured by a vampire family and turned into a pet and I

started to wonder if this was such a good ideal after a few slave/master encounters So I tried

to kill the head vampire (sort of suicide by vampire)  But instead of getting killed right away

I manage to get away didn't kill the head vampire just managed to make her really really mad

at me.   Went to the opposing faction thinking the enemy of my enemy is my friend,  but somehow

they didn't think that instead they shot me and threw me over the bridge.  Which sucked!  Didn't

want to let my wife's avatar just float there forever so My Master came and rescued me hid me

in Lost Vegas (Of course)  I had friends there who would hide me out and now I find myself

again a slave girl but to another vampire this time as a way to hiding me from the first family

who has a kill on site order for me.   (You know next time I think I'll just play a male women get

into too much trouble).  


for my youtube movie of the christine drachios story

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I knew of a person in particular who used his voice altering equipment in RL to portray himself as a woman in SL.  Everyone, and I mean everyone was fooled by this.  To this day I am not particuarly sure if everyone knew that she was actually a he in RL, but hey, that is the prerogative of the player.  You can be anything you want to be in SL, and for that, I thank LL every day...despite the 45 min wait for rezzing, etc.

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If the avatar is female and the gender identity of the owner female, then the body of the owner is irrelevant. The avvie is 100 per cent female. That' s clear logic. On the other hand, if the gender identity of the owner is male then there's a discordance. No one else's business in my opinion because anyone is free to be whatever they like in SL. But I appreciate the sensitivities involved.

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How do you define a woman in Second Life? In the real world we usually determine sex according to one's body. In Second Life one's body is our pixel avatar. Irrespective of what the Second Life body is made of in our virtual world there are also two sexes. From my perspective a female avatar is a female unless the person identifies as something other. I just don't think real world identities have any bearing at all on who were are in RL unless we specifically keep our RL identities.

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