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Toysoldier Thor

Toy's Art Exhibit Gala at Paris Metro Gallery - "Art Begats Art"

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Toysoldier Thor at  Paris Metro GalleryPhoto of ParisMetro2-Gallery_3-512.jpg

"Art  Begats  Art"
Where Fine Art, Fashion, Dance & Music Inspire Each Other

Gala Opening - Sunday May 4th @ 1pm SLT


featuring the amazing emotional artistic dances by the

Elysium Amphitheatre Dance Troupe

Each dance member selected one of Toy's artworks from his gallery Fashion Dress Photo - Paris Metro Exhibit-512.jpgand created a full choreographed dance, selected music, and built an entire stage for her performance.  All the inspired art from all dances are the artworks on exhibit at Paris Metro !

Not only will this be one of the most amazing Art Exhibit Opening Gala's to be experienced but of course there is the beautiful special gift available to each Gala event guest, the latest release of Paris Zsun's Artist Series fashion where her fashion is blended with a selected artwork texture from Toy's exhibit.  Early comments have said this is possibly the best design Paris has ever created from the Artist Series.

Full details and history and even video of the event and the dances previously performed can be read & seen at the blog link below:



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