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i cant hear barley music when i have my stream on...what is wrong?

devilgyrl Denver
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I really don't want to mock anybody, I mean, I'm a second language English speaker myself and know that it's not always easy. But exactly because I'm a 2nd language speaker, I just have to ask: What is barley music


Seriously, no mocking. There's always the slight chance that it's a genuine music genre. Like hops rock or wheat metal.

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Really….I’m not naming anyone’s names…Ishtara and Daria...but if you have nothing constructive to contribute to the question…keep it to yourself…really an unrelated embedded youtube clip! This rebuff is squarely aimed at all the regulars who post answers in this forum.

"Oh my Budgerigar died this morning...I thought there was something wrong this morning…as I could barley hear her!"

Clearly this person is having trouble with their Stream…balancing volumes between playing music into sl...and your voice…it is extremely fiddly from my experience as a novice sl Dj…at the best of times in sl…I am using Winamp to stream into sl...and I can only configure it to either play an mp3, or my voice…not at the same time…though you can fade in and out your voice over a mp3 track…but they are at differing volumes…I think this person is wanting to play an mp3 track and sing over it at the same time…I am not sure that is possible.

My recommendation is to configure Winamp to only broadcast your voice...via your microphone…and to have an auxiliary sound/speaker source for your mp3 track...going into the same microphone as your voice into sl.

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