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On your friends list there aren't many things you can do.

Really one of the ONLY things you CAN do is click a check mark allowing or disallowing your friends to

see when you're online


find you when you're online


I would be surprised if you have truly been using the in game application for friends without finding these options, but if you haven't then.. well I suppose I just answered your question.

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You can also make an "alt", which is just another account. You can make 100 if you want...well, maybe not BUT you can make another acount or two with not much fuss.

It is common to make 2 extra ones as a creator here to test perms or just have some to get the heck away from customers and business partners lol. I just tell people I don't socialize in world much, I just create and test and wonder alone. you could tell them you don't like mixing RL and SL, they may understand this if they are SLer's for long. But you know, this post may be seen by them one day and they will be more insulted than if you just said you don't mix work and play in the first place!!

Isn't it normal though? I mean, to not mix work and play and see all work people as well...."work people" ? lol. I don't work at a location with people anymore, but when I did I didn't try to hang out with the other employees etc. Even if I thought they where cool people to chat with etc. It is easier to just not hang out with work people for all involved, I think. I mean, if you get fired they might feel awkward and vise versa, plus they might disagree with something that is work related and feel you are not being a good friend, but work stuff is about getting tasks done mostly, and specialties don't smetimes agree on methods. In fact, arguably they should disagree to give way to discussion to come to better or different solutions that are more balanced, so I totally can see why you would never want to have work aquintences and friends in RL with you in a silly gameworld where you fly and what knot lol. You never know, you could steal away another mans hot pixel date and end up ruining a good pie at the factory, make a wrong decision on a poor customers financial plan or any number of oddities....all over hot pixel dollies with lingerie!! Nope, this is a silly fake world and no silliness from here should get mixed up at the factory, office, service or warehouse etc. So I am with you here and I know you think your friends are good folks but work is work and it is professional! Unless you are all balon animal makers, then you should all make giant baloon animal warriors with huge lazer guided balon missiles to sell to us all.... Imean, if you have the time as the world is recovering froma shortage of baloon crop failures that left us all without such items this pasty few months. Ok, time for bed for me. Bye, happy days to you!

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The check boxes work to the point you won't appear online on your friends contact lists... so that's good...

The "but" is you still appear online on your groups lists. (if anyone was checking out a group you belong to, you're still be appearing as 'online' in that groups membership list)... and if they IM you when you're offline they'll be told "avatar offline, message has been saved"; but if they IM you when you're hiding the message will still get through to you (so if they send a message when your hiding they'll be able to tell you're really online).

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