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Why does it STILL say I'm 'too young'?

TR Blackbart
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Check out http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Adult_content#Account_Settings

Edit > Preferences > General Tab > Rating and choose"PG, Mature, and Adult" from the dropdown list. If you have a lowersetting, then search and region entry or teleport will be restricted toPG only, or PG and Mature only.

If you have a problem verifying or accessing adult settings then file a support ticket.

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Check out http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Adult_content#Account_Settings

Edit > Preferences > General Tab > Rating and choose"PG, Mature, and Adult" from the dropdown list. If you have a lowersetting, then search and region entry or teleport will be restricted toPG only, or PG and Mature only.

If you have a problem verifying or accessing adult settings then file a support ticket.

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TR.Blackbart wrote:


Um... no, it was in one specific place. If I say the Gentlemen's Yacht Club, do you know what I mean?

Well, no, I don't know what you mean, but no matter.

If it's just one place, it's not an AO issue. It's between you and the location.

I see you don't have PIOF. Many places restrict their properties that way.

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There are two problems.

1.  The property owner has set his parcel to admit Age Verified avatars only.  Some landowners are doing this under the mistaken idea that it is required in order to have Adult Content there.  This is not true.  In fact, "Age Verified Only" does NOT permit them to have Adult Content.  ONLY having the parcel flagged with an Adult maturity rating will do this.  You should IM the owner and discuss your problem with them.

2.  If the owner had decided to Age restrict his parcel anyway, then the second problem is that the system is buggy.  Sometimes it will exclude people it should admit, and sometimes it will admit people it should exclude.  You should discuss this with the owner, too...and one or both of you should file a support ticket.

PIOF:  Payment Information On File.  That means, you've given LL a credit card number or a PayPal account.

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Yes, I have an idea.  Perhaps the location is detecting your AV's age and are restricting access to accounts that have been in existance for over a certain length of time, for instance 30 days.  If this is the case then you have no option but to wait that length of time before your AV can visit that location.  I'm not saying that the restriction is 30 days, it could be 5, it could be 180 or any other number ... to find out the number contact the owner of the land.  Until your av is old enough to visit this area why not take the time to visit many of the other places that are available to you.

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Ashleigh.Willis wrote:


Well I tried taking my No PIOF av to all the adult yacht clubs and had no problem with being too young.  Unless he gives us the actual location then we cant try it ourselves with 100% certainty.

You can have NPIOF and still be age verified. Payment info on file is just one way to age verify.

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Hello TR, please see Torley Linden's reply on Re: Adult verified but still cant visit adult areas.

There continues to be confusion between Adult Verification and Age Verification. The two are DIFFERENT but related as Age Verification is a SUBSET of Adult Verification.
For instance, if you have (1) Payment Info on File with us, you're Adult-Verified, but NOT (2) Age-Verified unless you've explicitly gone
through the Age Verification process. A land Parcel can be set to restrict to neither (1) and (2), either, or BOTH (see About Land's Access tab.) So when explaining problems, it helps to show what the specific permissions are.

This confusion sucks and it's not just you! So we're going to explain the difference better (and visually) after the Knowledge Base moves to the Wiki, I PROMISE.

For Adult verification see  How to become verified as an adult

Most Residents are already Adult verified.  Your account should already be verified as Adult if you have ever:
  • Had a payment relationship with Linden Lab.
  • Added US$ to your XStreet account using a verified PayPal account.
  • Gone through the Age Verification process.

For Age verification see  Age Verification

For Region Access information see The Region/Estate Window and/or The About Land Window

Restrict Access To:  Allows you to restrict access based on two parameters:

    • Age-verified adults:
      If this box is checked, the only Residents who can get into Regions in your Estate are adults who have been age-verified by Linden Lab. For more information about age verification, see Age Verification FAQ
    • Residents with payment info on file:
      If this box is checked, only Residents who have payment information on file with Linden Lab are allowed access to Regions in your Estate.

This is another useful article in Knowledge Base I can't get into the land I own.

Hope some of this information helps


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I have the same problem.  I am adult verified, age verified, Payment Info on File, have set preferences to include Adult content and have been a resident of SL since 2006, and yet still cannot access parcels where the land-owners have restricted access to age verified residents.  However, I have been able to access everywhere in Zindra that I've tried so far.  This must be a bug in the program that checks age verification, either when the verification is first done, or when it does the check at the time of access.  It would be useful if we could check on our Second Life account page whether age verification has been set correctly or not.

With regard to comments about whether it's a payment info problem or avatar age, etc.  the message that you receive when you try to go on land with the various access restrictions is generated within the system, and is very specific about the reason for restricting your access to the parcel.

You can check your age verification status here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Concinna/154/38/32.

PS. I went through the age verification process again this afternoon, successfully as before, and after re-logging, went back to the above-mentioned landmark to check the message that it gave me so that I could put it in my post.  Surprise, surprise, this time I had no problems!  I was accepted as being age verified!  I'll check again tomorrow just to make sure that my status doesn't revert back in the meantime, but hopefully it will be fine.

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The problem is not age verification, but the age of your account, some places such as clubs  will not let accounts that have been made for only a few days to access their area i see your account was created on 10/1/2009, give it a week or a month at most and you should not have any more problems






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It is my understanding, that if you have payment info in your profile, that you ARE age verified for the purposes of Linden Lab. If you have this, and you go someplace and can not get in "because you are not age verified," this means that the LANDOWNER has clicked "refuse access to those not age verified"...which THEN requires you to actually give your passport/Driver info to the lab.

Why landowners do this is beyond me, but I have deleted several LMs and will not visit those places again for that action. Checking the box to refuse access to non age verified overrides the lab's setting of payment info being sufficient and forces you to give your ID to the lab to get in.

My friend has payment info on file, and there is a particular drive in theater (for one) that they can not enter due to the age verification message. They have been in SL almost 3 years. And no, they will never give RL ID info to the lab and neither will I...EVER..for any reason.

You people calling for this requirement have a self-destruct wish for Second Life.


I hope this helps

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No, there is definitely a difference between age verification and adult verified to LL. Otherwise there wouldn't be a need for LL to explain the difference. PIOF used to be the way that LL verified you as an adult but they went to the age verification process due to a vocal minority's prompting and the desire to attract more real world businesses, schools and the like. Places which identify as mature may also be required to want the age verification even if on mainland if I recall correctly.

This is not a stab at you or your friend, but an attempt to keep misinformation from causing an outcry. I personally do not believe that if a minor can manage to get ahold of their parent's or another adult's credit card or paypal information that they would have any trouble getting ahold of their driver's license, social security number or passport information as well. The difference, I believe, is that the age verification is more of a formal and legally satisfying manner to assure that only adults access adult content, while the PIOF of the past was more a company policy which was only intended to assure LL itself. Age verification gives LL the ability to point to a process which can reassure those types of residents that they are wishing to attract and the vocal minority of residents already in world who want it.

Edited to add: Honestly, though, I can't see how you can consider giving the information to get your profile flagged as PIOF to NOT be giving personal real life information to LL. In fact, you give that information directly to them, not to some annonymous company which claims that it discards the information or at least does not share it and it is just where it could hurt you to do so, in the bank account, if it fell into malicious hands. It took me longer to do the PIOF than it did to get age verified, personally.

Midnight Demonge

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I do not understand your post. Let me clarify mine.

Both of us can go to Zindra

Both of us have payment info on file

Neither of us has given ID to lInden lab

Landowners when they check "require age verification" force all ADULTS to give ID to linden lab before they can enter even though they are ALREADY PIOF and age verified ADULTS who can visit Zindra.

That option in land needs to be done away with and replaced with only ONE: Restrict access to those who haveb't given payment info.

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Agreed, Denver.  The whole Age Verification elephant is a failure anyway...false positives, false negatives, conflicts with various nations' disclosure laws...not to mention the way it gets confused with "account verification".

The OP's problem was yet a third thing, though...their avatar's age.  That is, the time since they created that SL account.

You can be restricted from a parcel for a lot of reasons:

- You aren't cleared for the Adult maturity rating (LL controls this one)

- You don't have Payment info on file (An individual owner can turn this on for her parcel)

- You aren't Age Verified (again, this is a landowner option)

- Your account isn't old enough (security devices can be set to monitor this)

- You aren't in the correct group (an owner level parcel setting)

- You aren't on the access list (owner setting)

- You are specifically on the ban list (owner setting)

- The parcel is a damage enabled combat zone and snipers have the landing point zeroed in.

- Everyone is excluded (banlines)


With so many ways to be excluded, the wonder is that there ARE so many places we can go freely.  There are over 30,000 regions in SL.  So if you can't get into one, just shrug and say, "I got the boot...don't give a hoot".

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