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Swindle linden dollar by http://www.mmodo.com/

elenna Foxdale
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I've just been doing a bit of detective work....


The site is a scam!


Gameim, a FAKE item and currency service provider for massively multiplayer online game (MMOGs) on the Internet, currently offers both buying and powe-rleveling services as well as a trading platform.


If you look up gameim.com Scam on any seach engine you will bring up many blogs.

Here is a list of some (Most?) of there other sites. They are All scam sites.

boldchat.com, vir4s.com, thvend.com, mykamas.com, mmodo.com, mabinogigold.com, igxe.com, flyffpenya.com, botsmall.com, zenyro.com

If you used Paypal and got scammed, call them and report the site you were using and ask them to investigate and remove this company from their list of sellers.


Contact Paypal immediately and tell them what's happened, and that you have read elsewhere on the internet that the site is bogus. They will definitely look into it for you.


XStreet is the best and quickest way to buy / sell Lindens btw.

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There is a list here of currency exhanges that are (generally speaking) approved by Linden Labs, although they say they can't be held responsible for problems with non-official exchanges:


There is also a comment on there telling you to contect LL if you have problems with a particular exchange.

Hope this helps!

EDIT TO ADD: I would recommend you only ever buy or sell $L from someone on this list and, to be honest, i would always use the official lindenx exhnage myself just to be on the safe side even though i might get a marginally worse exchange rate.

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