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Lexie Linden

How can I get more prims on my land?


I want to place more items on my land but I don't have any available prims.  Is there anything I can do to get more prims?

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Every parcel of land in Second Life can support a limited number of primitive objects, or "prims".  The number of prims a parcel supports is directly related to its size; larger parcels are capable of supporting more prims.  Under certain conditions, it is possible to increase the number of supported objects on a parcel:


Simulator primitive usage

If you own more than one parcel in a Region, the prim allowance of those parcels becomes a unified pool.  For instance: If you own one parcel that supports 117 prims, and another parcel in the same Region that supports 33 prims, you have a total allowance of 150 prims on your land in that Region.  If you wanted to, you could place all 150 prims on the parcel that initially only supported 33!

Tip: If you did put all 150 prims on the smaller parcel, you would not be allowed to place any on the larger parcel (including trees and plants!)  It is wise to distribute your total allowance carefully.


Note: This technique only works within a single Region; if you own parcels in more than one Region, you will not be able to share prim resources between them.


Object Bonus (Private Regions only)

If you are the owner or Estate Manager of a Private Region, you can set a global Object Bonus for all parcels in the Region.  You may want to do this if you plan on building heavily in small parcels while leaving large areas of your Region empty.  To change your Region's Object Bonus:
  1. Select World > Region/Estate from the top menu bar.
  2. Make sure you are on the Region tab of the Region/Estate window.
  3. Set an Object Bonus multiplier, and click Apply.


Example: One regular region holds 15,000 prims. If you divide it into two equal parcels, each parcel will show it can hold 7,500. If you set the object bonus to 2.0, each parcel will show it can hold 15,000 prims. The region will not be able to hold 30,000 prims! In order for one of the parcels to actually hold 15,000, one parcel must be kept empty. The bonus for the other parcel is the prims not being used on the empty parcel.


Caution: A Region can only support 15,000 prims and an Open Space can hold 3,750 prims. (an Object Bonus setting of 1.0)  The Object Bonus setting does not increase the total number of prims the Region supports; if the total number of prim in the region exceeds 15,000, no new objects will be allowed to rez, regardless of a local parcel's limits.


Paraphrased from the inworld information button for Object Bonus:

The Object Bonus is a multiplier for primitives allowed on any given parcel, and may have a value between 1.0 and 10.0.  Set at 1.0, each 512m2 parcel is allowed 117 objects.  Set at 2.0, each 512m2 parcel is allowed 234, or twice as many, and so on.  The max number of prim allowed per region remains 15,000 no matter what the Object Bonus is.  Once set, be aware that lowering the Object Bonus may cause objects to be returned or deleted.  The default setting for Object Bonus is 1.0.


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