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Inventory Size v/s Performance?

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I am curious if any of the helper experts can provide  some incite as to how  very large inventories ( > 70,000 items) can effect  viewer performance?  (good performance = no lag  + ability to have normal fast physical movement of avatar)

The effect my friend with very large inventories experience is frozen avatar at login........with "'inventory loading" message.

As soon as the entire inventory is loaded.... the avatar is able to move normally.......but  for very large inventories this can take several minutes  or sometimes  just crash  depending on viewer used.

I dont actually understand why  the full  inventory needs to be reloaded  anyway .....as long as the resident did not do a "clear cache" request.

This same person has an alternate avatar ....  with  a very small inventory......and that avatar is able to log in and have normal good performance immediately with no lag.

The same effect is seen with different viewers  although  some seem to recover faster.......ie  3rd party viewers.

This person is in europe so...ping times are close to 220 ms.......this person has  vista operating system with only 2 gb Ram available.  Connection speed is usually 6 mb. eithernet   not wireless. Has older hi performance nvidia graphics.

So it "seems" to be caused by the large inventory trying to load again on every relog.........  as the same PC  with  very low inventory avatar has no performance problems.

Any constructive thoughts  would be appreciated.....   thanks :)

P.S. yes she is making every effort to reduce inventory to a more manageable size



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Sounds like the problem has more to do with the fact that your friend's cache is being deleted upon sign off, than the size of their inventory.  This should not be happening and, in fact, runs contrary to the reason for having a cache to begin with.  There's a few reasons why this might be happening.  It's possible that the cache is being stored in a place that doesn't support it's ability to be maintained from session to session... such as on RAM, instead of a regular hard drive.

Also, depending on the viewer, it could be that there's a setting that automatically clears cache at log out, though I was unable to find that option in Firestorm, which is the only viewer I have installed.  I can't imagine why any viewer would have an option such as this, but stranger things have happened.

It's rather difficult to tell what's really going on without further information as to how the viewer has been set up.  Without delving into this, the only thing I can really recommend is to make sure the cache is set to the default location on a hard drive.  Should this fail to work, there's always the nuclear option of performing a clean reinstall of any viewer which they may have installed.  This would require deleting the user settings for each viewer as described here... link.


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Its likely not that her cache is deleting on exit but rather that the zip operation that happens on the inventory cache is not completing. Its possible that the viewer is not truly closing and when she restarts it has to fix those inventory cache files. 2 GB of ram is really light for SL, or anything these days. Its always worth while to reduce inventory size. Would be useful to get more ram. Also would make sense to make sure she is not running other apps, like a web browser at the same time as SL.

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Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

Perrie Juran wrote:

purge and binge.JPG

Thats the one. You can always count on the advanced Martians to have an answer.

I would definitely recommend against setting that to "true."

I put rebooting my computer and modem and just being patient way before I'd clear cache.

Otherwise all you are doing is lagging yourself (and any one around you) everytime you log in.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2502 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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