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Zekkiel Zerundi

Exile - City of Salem

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Hello Everyone!


We're now accepting apps for Exile - City of Salem.  We're in our pre-beta phase, finishing up the final touches on the sim, and letting people do soft RP to establish backgrounds and contacts as we tweak the system and lore.  Our official opening is May 2, but those who get their apps in and approved before this date will get a little something extra upon opening!
  Please read below for more details:





Exile -- It is a world of banishment, where criminals and monsters, misfits and dissidents have been sent for thousands of years.  Trapped in this realm, unable to return to their homes, they have carved out a society.  With a world that has begun to resemble modern, 2014 Earth, the people of Exile were just about to participate in the space race when a calamity happened, throwing open portals to distant lands and making Exile the newest battleground for a myriad of supernatural forces.  Now, the War of a Thousand Fronts has come to Exile and your character helps determine the outcome!

Learn more about our world and lore by visiting: http://exilerp.webs.com

(The character creation form is also located there.)

Exile is a Modern Fantasy game consisting of supernatural elements in a modern setting.

Currently, we have eight "standard" races: Human, Demon, Angel, Vampire, Shifter, Mer, Fae, and Moai.  Original races will also be allowed on a restricted basis.

Factions will arise during our beta phase, most likely, and will include an Assassin's Guild, a Smuggler/Pirate Guild, an organized crime group, and a group of slave traders.

We are open for applications and are "soft open" for RP.  An official opening event is May 2.

If you are interested, please join our OOC group for further announcements:


Or read through our website (http://exilerp.webs.com).

Additionally, feel free to visit our sim and look around while wearing an "Observer" tag:


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