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Luxurious Slingshot

Beta grid inventory VS regular grid inventory

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What happens in Aditi stays in Aditi.


Nothing that happens on the test grid (Aditi) has any effect on your avatar, inventory, L$, or marketplace listings on the main grid (Agni).


Once you do log into Aditi, you will have all of the inventory that you have at the time when you first log in. However, new items acquired in Second Life main grid (Agni) will not be available to your account in Aditi until you update your account as outlined in the next section. IN NO EVENT will you be able to transfer money or objects back from the Preview Grid for use in the production Second Life main grid (Agni) environment.


Updating Your Account on Aditi

We have an account auto updater system of sorts in place. If you cannot log into Aditi or would like your inventory updated change your password. Then your account will be updated automatically within 24 hours. You have the control to update your accounts now. You no longer need to message a Linden for account updates to Aditi .

Account Update Steps

  1. Change your login password on AGNI.Wait 24 hours.
  2. Log into ADITI.
  3. Rejoice!!


32px-KBtip.png Tip: When you update your Aditi account, your preview grid L$ balance and any work in progress in your inventory will be lost. To preserve them, login to Aditi and send them to an alt account before you change your password.

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