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Quick tutorial to fix these problems in blender :

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Blender > Mirror axis problem why when i use the mirror option sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it ends up all over the the place?

Second life > Importing objects in parts.  why when I import an object that has two parts or more they have moved when i upload?

Blender > Distorted UV maps : why even when i spend time marking seams my maps turn out messy and distorted. (this one drove me crazy)

See tutorial here : http://mesh-agency.blogspot.fr/2014/04/blender-fixes-mirror-sl-import-uv-maps.html

I hope that give you a little bit of help for you bugs, leave a comment if you use :)

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Shift + S  > Cursor to center -> Its Shift+C by default 


Shift+S is the snap function.


Ctrl+S > Apply location / scale / rotation -> Ctrl+A


Ctrl+ S is save... on like every program ever..



Come if you're going to teach people and post about a tutorial make sure its not confusing them further.



Also to the UV thing

Ctrl+A on the uv screen averages scale

Ctrl+P can assit in packing, but usually doing this by hand is optimal

Ctrl+V will minimize stretch


-yawns- I think you need more tuts before you write some~

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