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FD RP Group Seeks Community

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FIRE BOSS SAFETY INC. is a private/contract Fire Protection Services Company , specializing in providing full service Fire&EMS services to private communities.

We include residents of the community that wish to RP , and welcome any and all requests for Fire Services from the community we're in.

Our services are provided at NO COST to the community , after all we're a FD RP Group seeking a community to RP our FD Dreams.

We are looking for a lot to rent (Street Access) within a family community or Adult Community, one without a current Fire Department would be ideal.

Our current location is changing to malls , clubs and highrises and simply doesnt need our services any longer.

Our budget is 3000 wk for 1000-1200 Prim , we provide our own buildings and Fire Units , and use our own group ...All we need is a friendly Community without a FD that has a suitable lot for rent (around 40x60) if smaller we'd gladly come for a visit and see if it will do.

Please Contact Billy Diesel today TYVM.firebossseal.png

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Hey there:

If you folks are still looking for a sim to play it, New Providence Roleplay is just about to open soon and we would be more than happy to host you.  As a modern urban/city themed rp, for certain we will need people roleplaying as Firemen and EMT's here.

This sim already has an official approved fire group with a chief and at this point we are not looking to having multiple fire organizations running on sim, however, we would be more than happy to host members of your group within our department.  

In order to join, we would like to ask that each member of your organization apply as any other person would.  During all phases from application and beyond, we will treat you like any other applicant as well.  

The application may be found here;


For additional information, you may contact our Fire Department executive, Chief of Department Cai (CaiMartinJG).  Chief Cai has been notified of this and will be expecting you.  Please note that this account will not lead you to Chief Cai.  

Hope it helps, and we hope to see you with us soon!

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