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Tex Monday

5 word roleplay story game...or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the forums, again

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hello friends,

I found this on another forum and thought, given the talent (and genuine pervertedness) of the members of the forum, we could have some fun with this...and it's been really boring lately.....(hopefully, we haven't done something like this before)

For those that don't know of it, here are the rules:

1) Each poster posts 5 words only per turn
2) You may not have two consecutive posts
3) Innuendo and perversion are a must!!
4) For fluidity, please read the lines beforehand

(If you have nothing to contribute to the story, please don't post. If you want to comment, please use (()) as OOC. Thanks )

I will start the story off.

"He walked through the forest.....

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...to enjoy his Miley song.


(ok...let's get this moving along, shall we?) :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:

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