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Shoutcast DJ/User ID and passwords

Jerilynn Lemon

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I'm shooting into the dark here, so bear with me.

I recently decided to begin my own streaming radio station on SL. The RP's I am currently into have me to the point of being burnt out and feel that it's time for a change of pace.

My problem is the DJ/User ID portion of Shoutcast. It asks for the pertinent info, but I can't find where to get the necessary sign in request.

I have placed the server information provided by the server provider, but am hung on to the actual name/password portion. I get an error message telling me that the information is incorrect, using my display name and SL pw, even using the sign in name at Winamp have been wrong.

Where does one get a DJ/User ID and Password to use Shoutcast?

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

I'm using Shoutcast 2.3.2



I understand what Karen is saying, however I'm still confused.

My concern is the DJ/User name and password window...

sl help pic.png

 What name/password goes to the appropiate slots?

As you can see, the name I thought I was to use is wrong (xxxx is for protection).

The info provided bt the server site did not indicate "clearly" what name or password to use. The url page, I have no problems getting into. It's completing the connection with the server thats putting up a fight.

Fortunately, I only paid for 24 hours time. So I'm not out a large amount of L$

I'm missing something here, what is it?



From my server sim (as I mentioned earlier, I paid for just 24 hours so the info is most likely expired now):

IMPORTANT ! These are your stream's informations.

Please copy the following infos into a notecard and keep them secret (KA Radio won't be held responsible of any trouble generated by the disclosure of these informations from you to a third party) :

Server ID: 384 (for support)


Address: srv10.karadio.biz

Port: 39909

Password: xxxTpyxx


URL: http://srv10.karadio.biz:39909

Web Admin login: admin

Web Admin password: x5xxxxxN

Max number of listeners: 50

Max bitrate: 192 kbps

Label: Chxxxx xxxxxx


My encoder tab reads either MP3 or ATDS-AAC

sl help pic1.png

 Third and final UPDATE:
After posting a question at Shoutcast website, I recieved this answer..

update the Source DSP to the current version as listed in http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=324877

without knowing the version of DNAS you're trying to connect to (which would be useful to know), on the Output -> Login tab, ensure the 'DJ/User ID' field is empty (unless you've been explicitly told to enter something in it).

if that doesn't help, try checking the 'use v1 mode' (aka legacy) option.

I went and d/l'ed the newest version (2.3.3) and it did not require a DJ/User ID, unlike ver 2.3.2.

I can't explain why, all I know is now the problem is solved. I ran my playlist on this machine and turned it on at a separate laptop. It was making the trip well.

Thank you Karen for your assist and patience in the matter.

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Welcome to the world of DJing in SecondLife.

Based on the information in your question is sounds like you are using WinAmp + the ShoutCast DSP module add-in to start with. If this is true then here is the piece you are missing:

[========== Your PC ==========]  ------------- The Internet -----------  [============== Listener PC ==============]
[ Winamp ] +  [ Shoutcast DSP 2.3.2 ]  [ ShoutCast D.N.A.S. Server ]   [ SecondLife ] [ FMOD.DLLs ] [PC Sound System] 

You need to broadcast your stream to a Relay Service that will allow multiple listeners to attach to your stream in SecondLife and/or on the Internet.

These services are available quite affordability in SecondLife with pricing based on the number of Listeners you want as a maximum and the preferred highest listening bandwidth. Search for "ShoutCast Stream Server" to find Relay leasing services in-world.

Once you have obtained this service you will be issued an account on a server with 2 sets of login credentials & the stream URL + Port to use with your DSP Plug-in and to give out to your Listeners to use on their Parcel Music URL setting.

So in my case my public stream URL+Port is

You may be assigned a relay address like mine or it may be a domain name based URL+Port such as http://www.reallyniftyrelay.com:9999 - The 1st set of login credentials allow you to connect your PC to the relay service. This is what you are being asked to provide [ Relay Service URL, Port, userid & access password ]. The 2nd set of credentials allow you to login to your Relay service from it's webpage to examine the state of the service and to examine your operational statistics

As an example, I pay L$900/mo for my 100 listener / 192kbps ShoutCast D.N.A.S. service who I've been using for over 2 years because of their service & reliability. I've seen cheaper services available and tried a few as my secondary stream providers for emergencies and most of those have fallen by the wayside or are out of business.

Practically speaking, for a listener base in SL, while having a maximum stream bandwidth of 192kbps is great you'll find that using WinAmp you are best served by streaming at 128kbps so that all listeners in any club you work at can hear your music, even on older slower PCs with slow internet connections.

Pictures from my leased ShoutCast service:

D.N.A.S. Status Page - Listener POV

DNAS Server Status Page.png


Relay Service Status Page - Subscriber POV

Server Status Page.png


Additional Cautions: Never lease a Relay Service for more than the period of time that you don't mind losing the Lindens that paid for the service. Why? Because these services can be affected by world economics and the provider you choose can go out of business without warning.

P.S. You can also install and host your own Relay service on your own Spare PC Equipment but that is beyond the scope of my reply and rather complicated to set up.


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You should have received a stream login password in a NC to attach your stream to the relay service login.

Those are the values you use. In your case leave the DJ/Userid Blank - All you need is the stream password to connect your DSP service. Shoutcast DNAS servers do not use a userid to connect the encoder stream to the Relay Server input port.

This is what I get from my service provider [changed for privacy]



If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact inworld: PValenca Slade, Sucesso Kamm or Nykky Camel
Or: e-mail: xtreamhotspot@gmail.com ~ skype: pvalenca_slade

--------------------YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION   ------------------

Server IP:
(Host: tiger.xtreamhotspotstreams.com)
Port: 8346
Password: 1234567 <- Not really [This is all I use to connect my stream to my relay service with SAM 2013 Encoders]

Your stream url is (to be set in land):

Admin Login
Admin User: admin
Admin Password: 987654321 < - Not really

Control Panel:
URL:  http://tiger.xtreamhotspotstreams.com/cast
user: xh004567    < - Not really
password: 987654321   < - Not really



SAM.2013 Encoder to Relay Service Example

SAM Encoder.png


Note: SHOUTcast v1 servers don't require a userid to connect the encoder stream to the Relay Service

So I'm at a loss as to why the DSP add-in is asking for one. A native SHOUTcast V1 DNAS server account has 2 passwords. One for the stream connection and one associated with a userid to allow back of server access to the settings features.

Question: What information is asked for is under your Encoder tab?


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