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beethros Karas

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                   BEE REAL ESTATE

Excellent Service and Land parcels since 2007.

                                                    Ideal Solutions for your Demands!



                               *****5 STAR SERVICE*****


                       MainLand Owned Parcels For Rent


            Full Permission Land Rentals - 5 Star Service

                    Economic - Luxury - Affordable

Meters - Prims - Condition - DiscountsLocation - Teleport URL1 week4 weeks
1024m - 234 prims - Grass Valley 10% OFFClay (108,22)249896
1024m - 234 prims - Grass Valley 100% Flat and squareRedspire (240,208)249996
512m - 117 prims - Grass Valley 100% FlatBaeogae (160,200)149596
4096m - 937 prims - Waterland 100% Flat and squareCarbonel (96,32)1,0994,396
1024m - 234 prims - Grass Valley 100% Flat and squareOxitage (80,208)249996
8192m - 1875 prims - Waterfront - Ocean View 10% OFFCarbonel (192,96)2,499SOLD TY
1600m - 366 prims - Roadside - Grass HillsHodu (172,166)4391,756
1664m - 380 prims  - Rare Islandia -  "Houses in Auvers"van Gogh (204,98)4991,996
3584m - 820 prims - Golden Sands -  "The Rainbow"Moore (224,100)9993,996
1248m - 285 prims - Waterland - 10% OFFCarbonel (204,26)3991,436
2752 - 629 prims - Roadside - Ideal for Main StoreMarmela (166,188)7492,996

-Tired of been treated bad? - Check this out!

We offer FULL PERMISSION Rentals, means

           You can do EVERYTHING SL Provides!

(Change parcel name, change music, change media, change picture, change parcel description, Set Landing Point and Set Teleport Routine, Return group objects, Return any object, Deed objects, Manipulate and moove-edit group owned objects, set group owned objects for sale, Send Notices, receive Notices, Send Group chat, Moderate group chat, subdivide the parcel, Join the subdivided parcels again, terraform the parcel, Schedule events, Toggle edit terrain, Toggle Show place in search and set category, add roles, remove roles, Change Role names, Change Role Descriptions, Assign members to Assigner's Roles, Invite people to the group, remove people from the Group, Toggle Open Enrollment and change Enrollment fee, Change Nametags to the Group - Include Owners nametag, select whos flying, whos speaking, whos rezzing, whos using gestures, whos using scripts, whos damaging avatars, whos edit terrain, whos scheduling an event, Whos creating Landmark, whos setting home to here, Freeze people, Eject people, Ban people, add people to white parcel list, add people to parcels black list, Sell passes, Landscaping using LL Plants, 

Optional: Pay L$100 to SL through me and I will Create a group as you want it to be named and pass me your logo and description and i attach it to it.

   -Okeeey.... Does These looks like "Greek" to you?

We are here to explain everything about those permissions.

They have been there just to allow you to do everything you want, like re-rent the land, make a club, have breedables, been good, been bad, well..... been YOU!

**For further info please call anytime!**

Teleport to: The Mall Street

Call: beethros Karas


Thanks in advance!                                 

Always yours

[BEE Real Estate]

my signature.jpg ____

beethros Karas

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3674 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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