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Mirika Drasilova

Castle Rock Slavery Palace

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Castle Rock Palace is a slave based community in the classic sense of slavrey, the slaves actually work as well as get used as toys by the owners full details as below:


Founding principles slaves are property, they are not subs, and they are the same as a piece of furniture.

The upper-class  have a life of luxury served by the slaves.  They  oversee ALL slaves and keep them in line by punishing and rewarding as the situation dictates..

Head Mistress
Mistress and Masters
Upper-class Citizens

Masters must be approved for play by the head Mistress Isabelle Lethecus or Natasha Haas
Slaves can be male or female or TG

The Head Mistress is the law of the land its ruler in all things
Citizens have rights within the law and can own slaves if they can afford them.; The state supplies the slaves.   There is no legal private trading of slaves--the State has the monopoly on that. Citizens have freedom of movement.

All that want to join our society  must be a minimum of 30 days old in SL with the exception of a alt from a known resident on sim

Owners of slaves have the right to offer their slaves for service to others, and to impose limits on the services their slaves can offer. They can take their slaves from the palace with them off sim.   All slaves are expected to stay within the confines of the palace at all times while on sim unless they have a signed travel permit by their owners to travel to another part of the sim or for travel to other sims.  Slaves are expected to spend a minimum of thirty continuous minutes on sim per day. All privately owned slaves have to wear the same dress within the precincts of the Palace which can be obtained here:


State owned slaves must wear the silks that can be obtained here:


Please note the Palace does not have any commercial interest in the sale of these outfits they have been selected for RP reasons only.

Slaves have only one right . . . to be sold, they are at the total whim of their owners, they have to hold papers to travel and to prove they are owned, a slave that does not have slave papers can be seized by the state. Slaves, unless allowed otherwise by their owners, do not have freedom of movement and are subject to a curfew, unless allowed out after curfew by their owners.

All slaves can only travel off sim with either a travel pass written by their owners or a present Mistress and\or with a supervisor

A slave can only be used by others at their owner’s discretion.


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