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Problem uploading the back of my mesh.

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Hi guys,

I'm really grateful for all the help I have received while learning blender, I find it very difficult to source online content which applies to the problem I seem to always have so posting is really the best thing for me, I just apologise if it's annoying to always get questioned like this.

I have built a garment similar to the last one I made just to keep practising with the tools and programs I am new too. In blender my piece looks like this:



It has two faces, the collar and the body of the dress and these are set to two different materials. 

When uploading, the preview window shows this,


that my back is invisible? Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

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Brilliant! Thank you so much.

Do you know why they may have happened or what I can do in the future to prevent it?

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Short answer is :

Faces in mesh only have 1 face /side .

With backface Culling enabled add a Plane to your scene. and have a look at it from all angles .

1 face will be visible and the other ............well there isn't a second face. its not transparent it just does not exist.

Its all about Normals

The direction of the Face and Vertex normals determine how light bounces off the edges and surfaces of the mesh.


The Normals should always be facing outwards. If they are facing inwards then you will appear to have holes in your mesh.

Extruding and mirroring can often result in Normals facing the wrong way

Its a good idea to always work with Backface Culling enabled so that you can see straight away when you have added

faces that are facing the wrong way and fix them as you go along.



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