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Venetia Cazalet

Looking for talented NEW creators/designers of Wedding related items

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This thread is now closed.

I will contact in world those who posted a reply. Please contact me inworld by IM if you would like to  rent advertising space near the wedding venue.


We have nearly finished creating a beautiful Wedding Venue on the lovely residential sim Riviera Island and I would like to incorporate a Wedding related store into the project. I am looking for good quality items at reasonable prices. I have decided to give only NEW creators and designers the opportunity to rent some sales space with us.

The theme of the Wedding Venue is Style and Class at a Reasonable Price. I will not be charging huge prices for the couples to use the Wedding Venue. In these difficult times financially I want to give couples the chance of having the beautiful wedding they dreamed of without it costing a fortune.

I am looking for talented NEW creators and designers who make the following Wedding items at reasonable prices:

Female and Male Wedding attire and footware

Wedding flowers

Wedding invitations

Any other Wedding related items

If you are interested please IM me in world (I will get your message offline) or email venetiacazalet@gmail.com

At the moment as the venue is still in the development stage I am just seeing if there is any interest. Space, prims allowed and price will follow later.

Hope to hear from you soon

Venetia Cazalet


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