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are there any other toys like me?

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Hi, by toy I mean nothing with an adult feel to it. I'm talking about Toy Story and Veletine rabbit. TV series like The Lost Toys.

Basicly its like child rp but we are imaginary friends by day and we may fight boogiemen at night. Our playtimes includes tea parties, or fantasic  magical adventures children make up. 

if you do rp from the bottom of a toybox then I want to know. If you were looking for something more adult sorry to disapoint but you have many other options that can work out for you. 

post here or im me in world because I'm mapping out a great rp.




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This little dolly escaped from the toy box late one night, and went running with scissors !

not a nice dolly.jpg


I don't generally RP from the bottom of a toybox, although I do love a good tea party; more likely I'm the one gluing the arms back onto things, or making vroom vroom noises somewhere, but I hope you do get together with some like-minded people.


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