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Roleplay partners/family/friends

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Hi everyone,

I've been back in SL for a couple of weeks now with the intention to get into roleplay, so I've been spending most of the time role playing and developing characters. Unfortunately, I've found it very lacking in terms of realism considering I only have a few people on my friends list and the fact that I haven't been on SL for very long which leads to playing a new character each time with no friends or family.

Let me make clear that I'm not looking for a girl for explicit adult roleplay, I'm looking for some friends who might enjoy developing back stories together as friends or family in roleplay sims. Friends who want to and know how to RP longterm. I'm very much open to ideas and suggestions, which is the point. I don't want to dictate roles, I enjoy bouncing back ideas and developing stories that entertain. Send me a NC or IM me when I'm online if you see me around (I'm on quite a bit, my hours vary between around 9am-6pm SLT).

As an additional note:
- I have a few RP sims that I particularly want to join; they're of a supernatural urban nature. If you're not interested in this genre for the RP aspect of this post, then it might depend on what else you're interested in whether we have anything in common.
- I'm not interested in child avatar families or roleplay.
- I prefer semi-to-para RP, depending on sim.
- I'm not after smut but actual stories.
- My characters are almost always around 18-25 years old, sometimes up to 30.

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Feel free to add me in game, I too enjoy roleplaying. I'm not into anything sexual as I'm married in real life but I don't mind rping other things.

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