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Fitted Mesh and all that Jazz

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Not writing as a mesh maker (you know I don't do clothes unless under major duress). Writing as a blogger and adventurer to other grids.

So fitted mesh is "finally" here. Am I thrilled? Not so much. I have been on two other platforms that had "fitted mesh" in whatever name you might call it. Both worked. Neither all that great. The problem is -- and I have tried on fitted mesh here although I admit not from the top designers who don't seem to be going there yet -- while it will be great for the folks that couldn't get mesh to fit their not so standard body,  for many of us it doesn't fit as well as the standard sizes. There is a padding thing going on presumably since we don't (well sometimes) need alpha layers.


What that seems to do (in all the garments I have tried on which is maybe 20 or so) is make you look fat. Now there is nothing wrong with fat if you WANT fat. But if you are a svelte little gal purposefully? Not so good.


The other issue is what folks see. Back when mesh first came onto the grid we had an issue. Folks without a mesh viewer saw blobs and missing parts of avatars instead of the mesh. Have you seen what the new fitted mesh looks like to those without a fitted mesh viewer? OH SO BAD -- way worse than the blog thing.


I believe in progress and change but I am definitely not in the fitted mesh camp. It may get better, but The Lab has a long history of making something and setting it free (we still have faulty physics here).


I just wanted to say something as I see so very many posts of folks struggling with the newness of something that may not readily be accepted at all. Sometimes we think we want something and when we get it  -- it is not what we wished for. Personally I am hoping that my favorite designers stick with the standard size and maybe ADD a fitted mesh version for folks that really need it.


Just some thoughts.


http://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/  in case you are wondering. I took that out of my footer long ago.

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I am not in the FITMESH camp either and this is coming from the view of a designer.
It will take months of disappointment before this starts making sense because it is not what the name implies.

Right now the standard sizes work because people were willing to make compromises.

FITMESH implies that you now can wear your original shape or an individual shape which you most certainly can not.
Obviously you will still need an alpha layer *opens can of worms* and while we could perfectly design them before we are no supposed to anticipate all kinds of shapes. You either release outfits in 5 Sizes with a whole bunch of alpha layers or a one size fits all versions with even more alpha layers. Technically people can make their breast larger now, their buttocks bigger and there are plenty of designs where this will work without complications. The moment you start with cut outs, cleavage or low cuts the whole Mesh + Alpha combo gets worse as it was before.

It will pan out eventually but not without major disappointments on the customer side.
It doesn't mean it is bad, it just means people expect something entirely different.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2604 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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