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Free Woman looking for a slave. (Gorean)

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Looking for a roleplay partner to play the part of a Gorean Slave. I am an un-companioned Free Woman who lives surrounded by family and am seeking a slave info and requirements are as follows:

OOC Stuff:

~I am on EST and generally log in the late afternoons so someone around that time would be great.

~Would love chemistry. Not saying anything out of SL because SL is SL and RL is private; but if you come to me and tell me 'Hey, I am a mass murderer in real' then we might not be able to play together...just saying.

~Yes. I am a female in real and no; I do not care if you are male or female in real and are playing a character of the opposite gender. (Just be able to play them believably)

~Fairly easy going. But, this is Gorean rp that I am looking for.

~Yes. I am willing to train someone. That can be fun too.

~Jealousy and Drama definately not wanted here

~My rp goes from one to two lines...all the way to para; depends on the situation and my mood

~Sorry. Not looking for avi's under 30days old. All of the sims I go to; require at least 30days old to be on sim.

Now onto the requirements:

I am seeking either a male or female slave; requirements vary:


My slave would be expected to do the typical slave duties (obviously) As well as learn a little about the infirmary so that I could be assisted there. Well behaved and respectful. If you are disrespectful or ill behaved in any way; I will not shield you from the wrath of the Free. You would find yourself in unpleasent situations very quickly. (Red Silks) Will be completely un-restricted and I will definately use you to distract any Free Man looking at me for more than a moment or two. (White Silks) Will be kept white until your virginity can be used to my advantage; then you will be a red silk and completely un-restricted. If for whatever reason; you can only roleplay as a Tower Slave; then that too can be taken into consideration. I do respect the roleplayer as it is a game after all. 


Looking for either a very Masculine fighting Thrall. Or a very effeminate Silk Slave. The fighting Thrall (for obvious reasons) I would not have trained to help me in the infirmary. Would rather have his skills put to use elsewhere. The silk slave however; I would and he would serve as a kajira would in the kitchen etc..etc. And no (before anyone asks) I am not going to make my silk slave sexually serve men. However; if it comes up and both of the men are into it; well that is their business. As far as that is concerned. 


I think that is pretty much it. Any Questions etc..etc. Message (note card me) in game. 

~Aeron Ghostaltar


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2317 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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