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Ameshin Yossarian

FULL REGION (Private island, Full Rights: 15000 prims) For Rent!

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Full private island for rent. Pay in L$ or USD!

Full rights & accesss to all the settings.

[ Size: 65536 m2   |  Prims: 15000 ]

Use it for whatever you like, you can set the rating!
General, Moderate, Adult. Its up to you!

The name & location is not very well known so if you want a VERY private spot this could be an option.
Great for commercial or casual use!

★ Monthly rent is:

★ Monthly rent is:

Rent is due on the 11th each month.
You can pay in advance for extra months if you like.

You can IM ameshin.yossarian in world for more information.
Or you can email directly to: sim4sale@ameshin.com

*Please note: if theres any special things you would like to have
done to the sim, such as a name change (to the sim, you can change the land name for free of course!)

Or move/attach to another sim you will have to pay
extra for the feature cost to the company. Just ask & I'll look in to it.

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