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Re: Female Domme Goddess looking for Male / Female submissives


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Email me the following:

1 x Full length nude picture, with "For SuckGoddess" written on your tummy in RED LIPSTICK

1 x Head and shoulders picture

Picture of your nibbly bits

(females: 1 pic of your breasts, and 1 of your **bleep** open.  Lie on your back on the edge of your bed, and place your toes on the bed next to your head, without any equipment or restraints)

(males: 1 pic of your **bleep** when not erect, and 1 when fully erect.  Take the pic from the front, and ensure that I get the full picture)



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In your original thread before it was moved to this forum, you said:


Looking for online submissive(s) to please me.  Do as I say, when I say, and exactly how I say, and you will be rewarded.

I require full submission, and may ask the following of you:

1. Role Play

2. Nipple / **bleep** & Ball / **bleep** Torture

3. Daily tasks

4. Submissive get togethers (for my viewing pleasure)

Reply only if you satisfy the following:

You are submissive. You are not in a D/s relationship.  You are willing to do as I say, when I say.

Bi-sexual & lesbian welcome


Now you're demanding a laundry list of RL requirements as well. Which situation *are*  you looking for?


Lastly, you seem to be a RL man portraying a female in SL, for reasons that will be obvious to some people. If that's the case, you should be forthcoming about that little tidbit, since you're demanding so much from others. (Assuming it's true, of course. Ahem.)

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I assure you I am a female bisexual.  No need for your *ahem*

Secondly, my requests are for submissives only, which you clearly are not.  Perhaps if you knew what my lifestyle is about, and what it entails, you would realise that my RL requests are based on attaining submissive behaviour, and getting appropriate proof thereof.

In this lifestyle, my requests are not deemed as a "laundry list" as you so dryly put it, but merely a domme's order.


If you feel that this post does not pertain to you or your lifestyle, refrain from infringing on mine.

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Just because someone replies questioning your extremely graphic and honestly ridiculous list of requirements to "prove they are being submissive" does not mean they aren't of the lifestyle or that they aren't submissive.  Submissives should question anyone that just outright demands such silly things. 

You are asking people to do very personal things for you and you have offered nothing in return, they aren't even your submissives yet, you don't know them and they don't know you, there is no trust built between you and them and you have done nothing to earn the right to demand or ask any of the "requirements" that you listed as a supposed Dominant.

Not a single thing on your list in any way "proves" submission.  Not a single thing you have said "proves" you are who and what you say you are, actually it tends to make you look more like a fake.  Perhaps if you knew the lifestyle as well as you seem to try to pretend to, you would know that your behavior and actions are actually not looked upon with kind or high regard within the actual lifestyle community.

You said "In this lifestyle, my requests are not deemed as a "laundry list" as you so dryly put it, but merely a domme's order.", actually your right, in this lifestyle your "domme's order" is more considered a lesson of what not to do for potential Dominants learning the lifestyle or a what not to take from a so called "Dominant" to anyone that wants to seriously serve in and/or learn about our lifestyle. 

This lifestyle is built on mutual respect, honesty, trust and love, your, personal ad, for lack of a better or nicer way of putting it, does not come across as having any of those things in it, nor does it come across as if you actually care one way or another if it does or not.  A Dominants job is to teach, care for and guide their submissive.  Yes there are of course fun little s*x games you can and will play with your sub, etc.  But, first and foremost, it is not an "it's all about me" type of position as so many fakes seem to try and portray online.  It is a lot of work and often a Dominant has to forgo their own pleasure or desire because what would be best for the submissive does not fall into line with what the Dominant is desiring.  Maybe you aren't really into the actual D/s lifestyle because you sound completely ignorant of all that it truly entails and are just interested in the "all about me" fake RP or getting your hands on j*rk off material for yourself. >pardon the pun< 

It is no wonder so many young, still learning subs end up with so many horror stories from their trying to learn to serve a "Dominant" in SL if this ad you placed is any indication of the level of ignorant, high handed ways fake Dominants treat them.

Also, if you don't want people leaving their opinions, then you should not have posted it on a public forum, especially one so well known for people giving their very honest, very blunt and often very brutal opinions.  But you did post it and now you get to reap the rewards of having done so.

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as a submissive (collard for over a year now with my Mistress), myself i agree with AnnaMarie. a true Domme, would not expect something like nude pics right upfront to prove submission. those type of things are what you would expect from a person who wants to pretend their a Dom for a couple nights to get out their sexual kinky dinks. if you were truely searious, and wanting a REAL submissive, you would want to get to know a potential sub first. i dont know many subs, REAL ones who be so willing to send those types of things to someone they just met. let alone, not even with a collar of consideration, or any type of real agreement.

the only subs who would send you such things would be ones who did not know any better. i am so tired of seeing new subs pulled into this type of crap. when i was a new sub, i fell for some things too. but even as i have been one for a long time now, i am still learning and growing, thanks to my Mistress. i seariously hope a new sub does not fall for this. but if you ARE searious, about be a Domme, maybe you should post a bit more about yourself, and what you can offer as a Domme. instead of putting out orders. not trying to be disrepsectful of you if you are a real Domme...but the way you come off here, does not sound legit, or sounds like you may be new to it...(in SL at least). perhaps try maybe joining some D/s group sims in SL, learning and meeting folks, and maybe you will find what you are looking for.


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I have to agree with Chi. A "true" submissive doesn't need to truely be submissive to anyon other than to whomever they are collared too. I am a submissive, and yes I would do mostly anything for me dom, but at the same time he has to be mindful of my feelings and my beliefs. It's a mutual thing. I choose to let him dominate me because I know he is a good person. And that took some time to build up that bond before he asked and I accepted his collar. You're looking for one of those instant slaves who don't even want to think for themselves and at the same time is about as loyal as a Benedict Arnold. As long as you give them what they want they'll stay by your side. But once they're bored, or they find a better offer, well.... that will change.

To assume that any sub who responds to a post like your's is the only way that a "true" submissive behaves is ridiculous. And your insinuation that all subs should behave this way when ordered by any dom/me is insulting. The only person a sub needs to obey is the one on their collar. Not anyone else. Like Anna said, you've done nothing to EARN the right to demand anything of any sub. There's no trust, no bond, not even any sort of relationship, and I would be wary of any sub who responds to something like this and actually sends the pictures. BDSM is not about dominating someone and making them feel like property. Because remember they choose to submit. Just because they've allowed your collar around their neck does not mean that you don't need to show them any respect. You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Though I guess you'll attract more flies with **bleep** than with honey if flies are what you really want.

If you're new to this BDSM thing, why not check out the House of Stealth? Maybe you'll learn something. If you're not new to it... maybe check it out anyways. You'll learn a thing or two about what being a domme is really about. Tell them Niffy sent you. I hope you learn about what BDSM really is if you haven't already.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2761 days.

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