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Chrystian Beaumont

Premium Membership and Land Holding

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Hi guys, I am planing on turning my account into a premium account. But i am not sure what to do, take the house that is providet or get 512 m² of Mainland. On the other side where do i choose that option? Must i delete the house providet and deed the land maybe to another 512 m² parcel that i buy? Or can i just get a premium account and mainland?

I know its a bit confusing but maybe someone has a good answer. Thanks annyway.

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Hello Chrystian!

With a premium account, you can either have a Linden home (512 sqm, no garden, 117 prims house NOT going against your prim count) OR get an empty 512 sqm parcel on the mainland. In this latter case, any house or skybox you will rez there will go AGAINST your 117 prim allowance.

Note that a Linden house cannot be removed from its plot, nor can be modified (other than using the control panel to change some textures, shades, colors etc). The advantage of the Linden house is that you DO fully have 117 prims to furnish and decorate your place. 

As I said before, on an empty mainland plot, any building you rez there will use prims, and finding very low prim houses or skyboxes is not so easy. Anyway, if you choose this option, you will have to search for a plot by yourself (it wont be provided by LL). You search on the map or on the marketplace, or have a look at the auctions. 

Premium accounts are granted a 512 sqm bonus lease before land use fees are applied. The chart below shows the fees for all land you hold or tier you donate beyond the 512 sqm bonus.

Additional Land
(over 512 sqm)
Parcel Size
Prims per Parcel
Monthly Land Use fee*
1/128 Region 512 sqm 117 US$5
1/64 Region 1,024 sqm 234 US$8
1/32 Region 2,048 sqm 468 US$15
1/16 Region 4,096 sqm 937 US$25
1/8 Region 8,192 sqm 1,875 US$40
1/4 Region 16,384 sqm 3,750 US$75
1/2 Region 32,768 sqm 7,500 US$125
Entire Region 65,536 sqm 15,000 US$195

Value Added Tax (VAT) will be added where applicable.





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Actually there are many nice "low prim" houses out there.  I had a 512m plot (my first) that I put "The Archer House" on.  I decorated it with a 1 prim hottub (300 animations) and lots of other 1 prim animated furniture and even build a box and put it 150m into the sky and put in a security system.   There were working lights, a juke box, bedroom set, fencing etc.

It's all a matter of learning to use your prims wisely.  There are tons of places out there with 1 prim fully animated furniture.  The trick is learning what to put into the home. 

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You do get a "bonus" with a Linden home as the housing prims don't count against your 117 prims.

In the pre-mesh (and certainly pre-sculpt) days those 117 prims didn't go very far. Now you can easily decorate wonderfully.


On the negative side of Linden homes, you often have to wait for the style you want to be available. While it is "neat" in the villages (or compounds depending on your point of view) it is VERY cookie cutter ish like living in a very large track home subdivision with no outside decorations. Some folks hate that. So before making a decision I would scope out the areas to see if you would LIKE living there.

512 lots can be had for 512 and sometimes less these days. So not like a lot of money is involved. You can also have a shop on your 512 but not in a Linden home.

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