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Hi InsideOut (I love your name!),

The Bloodlines Vampire game is just that, a game. Your name has been placed in an external database, from which it will never be expunged. You can obtain a garlic necklace (it's available in the marketplace here) which marks your name as "immune" rather than "limbo" once you wear it. But your name will still be in their database.

Our RL names are in countless databases. I wouldn't fret about having the name of your avatar in yet one more.

So, forget it and move on!

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To use the Garlic Necklace, go to a place where scripting is allowed.

Wear it and touch it and chose activate.

It can help ifyou remove your hair, if your hair is really of the big volume type.

I spoke with a vampire who claimed that I have been bitten and that they could bite folk now without getting their consent. This sounds outlandish, but! EVERY time I got bite requests before, I muted that resident who gave it and if I was at a safe location, I also AR-ed the resident in quetion for assault.

Since I am in their goddamed database now, I could just as well wear their stupid necklace and get rid of them. I am against the bloodlines since you ahve to opt out instead of opting in.


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