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Darling Estates Mountainous Lands

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At Darling Paradise Estates you get the best. You will get a a lot of prims for low cost. We have land, and skyboxes. If you would like to know about our available rentals please visit the links below for land, visit our officehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Darling%20Estates/144/135/1510 Our office has pictures and landmarks for all plots available. All monthly payments get 10% off.

IM Purplekittyz or Lvgamer33 for more information.

We have a variety of land sizes that are low cost with big space. Please use the landmarks below to check them all out.

OFFICE- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Darling%20Estates/144/135/1510


No homes larger than 30m high. No pushing, fighting, griefing or other non-consensual activities
No privacy screens, Sky boxes or builds 1000m +. If they are visible I will as you to move it higher (24 hours).
ALL (new/current) rentals will receive 10% discounts on monthly payments.

Price: 265 L$/week
Area: 960 m2
Prims: 219

Price: 245 L$/Week
Area: 880m2
Prims: 201


Price: 180 L$/week
Area: Sky Area 2000m high - 80x80
Prims 150


Beautiful forest themed house, unfurnished, covered with lush green vines in a skybox. stop by our office. to view this wonderful home in person.

Mythical Home
Price: 600L$/week
Prims: 200


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