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Intimate Encounter Opens - A Senuous Lovers' Hangout


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Intimate Encounter opens her doot today!

This is a small but compact intimacy hangout for individuals, couples and groups who love to be active in their adult lifestyle and adult role-playing.

Currently we have 3 areas that you can explore:

1. Retail Shop / Skybox Rental / Landing Area
The small shop features a small quality selection of lovers' HUD,, tattoos and BDSM stuffs from some of the most popular creators in SL.

This is also the place where visitors can rent affordable and spacious modern apartment for couples. Each piece of furniture offers romance and adult animations for you to role play your intimacy experience: Each are fully furnished with the following features:
  - Sex bed that can changing texture and shapes into different beds.
  - Romance and sex animated tollet with texture change.
  - Eating, drinking & couples animated dinning table and 2 chairs.
  - Cuddle, romance and XXX animated living room sets with texture changing.
  - Romantic kitchen with couple animations (Type A Apt) or Adult animated Jaccuzzi (Type B Apt)
  - 10 prims for rezzing your own stuffs.
  - Controllable security orbs with full privacy.

You can dance and hang around with lovers and friends and even be lucky and meet new lovers.

2. Adult lounge (for adult role-play & free-lance erotic dancers to earn Lindens)
A place where individual, couples and groups who want to get more intimate actions hangout. All our facilities here are loaded with high quality adult animations.

XXX dual dance poles, XXX dance chairs, group dance tables, love beds, jacuzzi and happy ending massage bed.are all loaded with highest quality adult animations. All facilities in our lounge are designed to offer not only just intimate adult actions but also for XXX lounge role play scenario.

Also, any erotic dancers, can simply join our group and dance to earn lindens and role play adult club scenarios.

All areas can be easily accessible from the teleporter board in our retail & rental area except for our rental apartment where only our tenants
and special guest are allowed.

Our parcel rules are simple:
1. No griefing and spamming.
2. Respect others at all time, Don't force others to role-play what they don't want.
3. No heavy scripting. Keep it under 100. Anyway you don't need a lot of cloths.
4. Follow Second Life TOS and rules.
5. Join our group to use all our facilities.

Once again welcome to our homely hangout. If there is any question please send me an IM online or offline and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you

Chief Officer
Intimate Encounter  
Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blood%20Ranch/166/191/23


Rental & Retail Shop-MainArea.jpg

The Intimate Encounter Main Landing area.



Adult Lounge for erotic role playing, music and dance. With lap dance chairs, dance poles, sex beds, jacuzzi and massage table. Be an erotic dancer, escot or massger to earn lindens. No appolication needed.


IE Rental AptTypeB_001.jpg

Affordable quality skybox apartment with quality adult animations. Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rental available.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2800 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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