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Inventory export from Agni to Aditi. optimizing possible?

Jenna Felton

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Good evening


I know there is a routine that exports all our inventory from Agni (main grid) to Aditi (beta grid). To initiate this routine all you need is change your password.

The question is, is there a way to organize my inventory in order the export routine has less to work or also in order the inventory servers on Aditi can work with the inventory on Aditi easier?

 An example to make the question some more concrete:

 When I package all my stuff in boxes (you know, by rezing a prim, putting there my stuff, take the boxes and removing the stuff from my inventory) than i have on the first view less items in my inventory, but the packaged stuff is a part of the boxes that are in my inventory, it is still present and available somehow.

Now when i change my password, the export routine brings the boxes to Aditi. Now when i rez the boxes i should be able to take the exported stuff out of the boxes. Hence, the packaged stuff was still exported to Aditi.


Why i am asking this, there is plenty of stuff i need on main grid but don't need on beta grid. For example most clothes, landmarks and notecards, skins and shapes, furniture, vehicles etc. That are more than 20.000 items i do not need on Aditi but they would make a load on the Aditi inventory servers when exported.

My first idea was to package all the stuff into boxes, than change password. But I guess, the export routine will still bring all the stuff to Aditi. When so, than probably the only way to avoid the full export will be to rez the boxes somewhere for 2 days and remove them from my inventory and after export pick up the boxes again.

Is this correct, or does packaging the stuff into boxes still a good idea for the Aditi inventory servers, even if the boxes are exported with the content, so i could leave the package boxes in my inventory before i change my password?

Best regards,

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AFAIK, the inventory transfer is a straight forward copy from one computer to another. The Lindens have built in some intelligence about who's inventory to copy. There is no need to copy a person's inventory if the person never logs into ADITI.

There also seems to be a time factor involved in the copy process. Changing your password and then logging into ADITI within minutes has caused problems in the past. Those of us that have been through the problems, wait 24 to 48 hours after changing our password then login. We are also much more skittish about changing our passwords.

The Lindens did considerable work on resolving the inventory transfer problem in ADITI. But, this part of the grid runs on far less hardware than the main grid. Just recently they added a second machine to handle login for ADITI. Until then only one server handled all logins for ADITI.

Having a smaller inventory may help. This is a transfer from database to database. But, I think most of us working on ADITI do a password change to clean up the ADITI inventory and re-sync it with out main inventory. Once I complete a project I have been testing and uploaded it tot he main grid, I get my inventory there organized as I want it and then do the password change.

I never bother to organize in ADITI as I know at some point I will overwrite that inventory.

The only limit I know of for inventory is the 10,000 item per folder limit. The fewer items per folder one has the better things seem to work in both AGNI and ADITI. But, I can't prove that. It is just my perception and could be wishful thinking.

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Thank you for your Answer Nalates


Yes thats corect, waiting 24 or even 48 hours (two days) is generally a good idea. Also it is important to log in to the beta grid with the SL viewer (and not with SL Beta viewer despite the name) as first. The second login can be with any viewer. This worked for me as i had once the problem that the Aditi session was not stored somehow.

Yes, as far i was also told, the inventory on Aditi is managed by weaker hardware than the inventory on Agni. This was the main reason why i started the tread. Now after i was thinking more, i beleive the idea of packaging stuff was correct.

As far as i know there are shared asset servers that are keeping the content of the assets, for example content of notecards or the pictures. The inventory itself is than just like an index telling who has what assets in their inventory. Which is simply a large list of names and asset keys organized in folders like the content page in a book.

Due the inventory transfer Agni to Aditi only this content is tranferred, not the files themselves (they are stil on the shared asset servers.) Also the smaller this index is, the less work should the inventory database have. Hence, when i package, say, all the furniture i have into a box, than only this box is in my inventory and takes only a single entry in my inventory database. The inventory transfer brings only this entry to Aditi.

Now when i rez the package box on ground than this box comes from the shared asset server. And as long i dont unpack it into my inventory (on Aditi), nothing goes to the inventory server. This means, the idea to rezz all the package boxes and pick them up after the inventory transfer can work but has little benefits. When i do it, than the box of furnitures does not go to my Aditi inventory. But i can leave this box in my inventory, too, let the tranfer routine bring it to Aditi, and as long i do not unpack it, my Aditi inventory has just a single entry for this box and that probably does not hurt.

10,000 items per folder is a crazy number :) I think i have just a few folders with one or two thousands items, for unorganized objects and landmarks, but i am working on them: when i open that folder i get a huge scrolling problem. I suppose a folder with 10,000 items would bring the viewer to a real winter-sleep once i open it.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2776 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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