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Mairead Fitzgerald

HoHMC Rally Mar 6-9th EARLY Reserved Spots

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The Hell on Heels MC Rally In The Valley is happening Mar. 6-9, 2014.


Truck & Tent Space Rental Information

Truck Area - 100L - 100 prims (23 available)
Tent Area   -  50L  -  50 prims (25 available)
Please use only the alloted number of prims we will be monitoring
this and returning any overage.  If you need more prims these
will only be available after the Rally is completely setup and
only if we have extra prims.  Sold in lots of 25prims for 25L.

Setup - Saturday 3/1/14 Starting @ Noon to Wednesday 3/5/14
Rally   - Thursday 3/6/14 to Sunday 3/9/13

The sim we are on now is not the Rally sim.  
We will have a full sim available for setup  Saturday 3/1/14 Starting @ Noon to Wednesday 3/5/14.

You are welcome to reserve your rental space early, assuring you get a choice location!
Just PAY the rental prim and your spot will be reserved.

The sim layout as you see it now will be moved to the Rally sim on 3/1/14 with all the rental boxes
so you can just simply come by and setup. This is just the layout. The actual builds, roads and levels are not present until 3/1/2014.

OR..  if you prefer you can wait until Saturday 3/1/14 @ Noon when the rally sim is fully set up, to select your rental space from what is available.

You will need to join the Rally Land Group to set down prims.  
Land group invites will begin going out 3/1/2014.

For Group Invite or More Information :
IM - Karra Babii  *  Sheme Navarita * Mairead Fitzgerald * Queeny Rose


        Hell on Heels Motorcycle Club (HoHMC) & Bikers Bay
                   The First Annual Rally in the Valley
                     March 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th 2014
               IT'S GOING TO BE ONE HELLUVA  PARTY ! ! !


Please stop by our Rental area and get your space early. Be sure to get  a copy
of our Rally in the Valley poster and place it on your sim/parcel.  Feel free to give
copies to all your friends, visitors and other MC's.

SLURL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunflower%20Land/66/114/1302

** The information card inside the poster will auto update anytime we
     make any changes.  On Saturday 3/1/14 starting @ Noon the Info Card
     will update with the Landmark of the Rally Sim. We will also send out
     the Rally sim LM via the Rally Land Group and number of other groups.


          1st Place  3500L Custom Trophy
          2nd Place 1000L Custom Trophy
          3rd Place   500L Custom Trophy
Limited to
                50 Entries
                50 Land Impact per motorcycle
                NO Scripts
                You must be the creator of the motorcycle entered.
Entries Open Saturday March 1st @ 1:00pm SLT, reserve your spot early!
The Show opens Thursday March 6th @ 10am SLT
Winners will be Announced Sunday, March 9th @ 1pm SLT
Landmark - TBA
This Notecard will update with any changes in our Posters.


Thursday      03/06/2014       Urban Harvy Live        Noon   to  2pm  SLT
Thursday      03/06/2014       ZZTOP                       2pm to   3:30pm SLT
Thursday      03/06/2014       OVAL RACE                 3:30pm to  6pm SLT
Thursday      03/06/2014       IN THIS MOMENT         6PM  to  7:30pm  SLT
Thursday      03/06/2014       MarqsDeSade (Live)   8 PM - 9 PM SLT
                                            Campfire Concert


Friday           03/07/2014       ** OPEN FOR DJ           Noon   to  2pm  SLT
Friday           03/07/2014       JOHNNY  PARAMOUR     2pm  to  3:00pm SLT
                                               LIVE CONCERT
Friday           03/07/2014       DJ Jaz FT Radio            4pm  to  6:00pm SLT
Friday           03/07/2014       Bull Riding Contest      4pm  to  5:00pm SLT
Friday           03/07/2014       Paint Ball                     5pm  to  6:00pm SLT
Friday           03/07/2014       HEART                         6PM   to  7:30pm  SLT
Friday           03/07/2014       *Campfire Concert      8PM   to  10pm  SLT
                                              or 2 Hour DJ  


Saturday       03/08/2014       ** OPEN FOR DJ          10am to Noon SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       BIKE WASH                 10am to ???pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       Capture the Flag        10am to Noon SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       DJ SUNDOWN              Noon to 2:00pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       Keg Roll Race              Noon to 2:00pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       MOTORHEAD               2pm  to  3:30pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       DJ JAZ FT  Radio           3:30pm  to  5:30pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       Bare Boobies Bull        3:30pm  to  4:30pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       WET TEE CONTEST       4:30pm  to  5:30pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       LYNARD SKYNYRD         6pm  to  7:30pm SLT
Saturday       03/08/2014       *Campfire Concert      8pm  to  10 pm SLT
                                              or 2 Hour DJ  


Sunday         03/09/2014       ** OPEN FOR DJ            9am  to  Noon
Sunday         03/09/2014       POKER RUN                   9am   to  11am  SLT
Sunday         03/09/2014       POKER RUN TALLY Up     11am  to  Noon  SLT
Sunday         03/09/2014       DEMO DERBY                Noon   to  2pm SLT
Sunday         03/09/2014       VOLBEAT                      2pm     to  3:30pm  SLT
Sunday         03/09/2014       PsychoPhobia               5pm     to  6:30pm  SLT
Big Cash Prizes and Trophies for all our Events !

Thank you for being a part of this legendary event!

For More Information :
IM - Karra Babii  *  Sheme Navarita * Mairead Fitzgerald * Queeny Rose

EARLY RENYALS SLURL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunflower%20Land/66/114/1302

HHoHMC Home SLURL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunflower%20Land/63/224/36

** This Notecard will update with any new Information via all our update scripted posters




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