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What can I do in Second Life?

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Nope, not for me but lets list a whole bunch of really neat things that newbies can do in SL, immersive, engaging things other than "stand around chatting about the weather and where they are from".  I put some in another thread but lets make a big list.  Please avoid the usual debate and discussion but just stick to offering positive influence "things to do"


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- Go sailing. There are free boats and huge sims full of water and waterways.

- Drive or ride around the lindenroads. Similar to sailing, but with more things to see, but a smaller path to follow.

- Join a roleplay. There are different settings rangeing from medival settings to suburban themes.

- Visit classes to learn something new.


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Hmm, I shall just list some sims I enjoy, and let people figure out what to do once they get there. That's way more fun for me :D

First, I need to log in, that might help, lmao. I'm not going to tell you what the places are, you'll just have to go see them for yourselves. Some are amusement, some might be educational, some might be serene, some might be weird.....You just never know until you visit :D (and some might be obvious by the region names, lol)

Ok this is a good list to get started with. Have Fun :D

ETA: I should qualify this post by saying I am in no way affiliated with any of these sims, nor do I get squat for sharing them. They're just awesome places. I also can't guarantee all of them will always be there. It is sl after all :D


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I don't have any slurls or even names, for that matter and I won't be inworld for hours. I'll make my suggestion anyway and hopefully someone will add locations.

I'd visit sims that have some kind of historical or fantasy or other specialized theme, even if not necessarily devoted to RP. As an example, there are at least two places set in Edo period Japan. I did that quite a bit when new. Those kinds of places frequently require visitors to dress in theme and almost always have costumes available, usually at very low prices and often free.

New people LOVE getting free stuff (I sure did, anyway—Wow, look at this cool kimono!) and it's a terrific way to see the variety that SL offers.

Edited to add a couple places whose names I know, even if I don't have slurls. They are easily found in Search>Places.

Little Yoshiwara: historical Japanese community. Lots of roleplay but visitors are welcome. Appropriate clothing available.

Doomed Ship: Adventure in space. Relatively inexpensive outfits, lots of things to explore. RP encouraged but again visitors are welcome.

Tombstone: What you'd figure. At the entry are a lot of inexpensive western clothes and props. I am pretty sure you need to join the group to enter the sim proper and once there are expected to have an at least reasonable ability to RP a resident of the Old West. If you haven't seen about a million western movies and television shows that might be difficult. For me it was easy.

The 1920's Berlin Project: Appropriate clothing available and visitors very welcome.

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Mainland Linden roads are G and they're protected land. I open a map, find a route and TP in. I have a pair of free roller-skates I picked up years ago at one of the freebie places and I like to roller-skate on the roads. I have a cruiser bike I ride around the roads on, too. I have a swim hud I use a lot in the Blake Sea islands. There are also off shore "roads" I like to swim in that are Linden protected land circling the continents that alternate from sea to land roads and I never have to worry about hitting ban lines or security orbs. My favorite place is Happy Hippo Fun Land in Bay City as well as the area around the Bay City Aquarium.

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Here's an excerpt from a notecard I wrote for newbies a while back...

There are events you can attend, clubs, places to make friends, learn about SL, learn a language, learn photography, listen to live music or poetry, participate in games, go dancing, go shopping, go fishing, go skydiving, go scuba-diving, fly a helicopter, fly a seaplane, ride a motorbike, ride horses, breed horses, have sex, have a wedding, be an alien, be an animal, be an elf, be a vampire, be goth, be punk, be steampunk, be ordinary, make friends, make clothes, make toys, make believe...

...and that's just the beginning.

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*Inspire Space - Has been around since at least 2007 but is still a lot of fun.  Meditate or dance "in space" among the planets. 

*Another way to travel around SL (ie. on the Linden roads or beside of them) is on horseback.   Many places that sell horses also have free demos, some for limited use, such as 5 rezzes, etc.  The AKK horse ranch has lovely areas for horseback riding.

*VKC (Virtual Kennel Club) dogs - There are several different sims where one can visit and play with the VKC dogs and a volunteer helper is almost always available at most of the locations.  I would recommend Turing Isle to begin.  These dogs can be trained, with what they can do only limited by one's imagination.  VKC offers regular training classes.  There is an entire community built around the VKC dogs.

*Caledon - A large number of sims that recreate the Victorian era.  One does not have to be dressed in theme to enjoy Caledon.  One of the best ways to gain an overview of the different areas is to take the train that traverses a great deal of the area.

*Mieville - A group of Steampunk related sims.  The last I visited one does not have to be dressed in theme.

Edit: clarification


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From my experience on introducing my friends to SL, I realized people usually love places that are huge and have lots of exploration potential and things that are innovative/different that both give the "Oh wow!" effect.


Only places I can think of on the top of my head are KOWLOON and Insilico (If you have any LMs similar to what I'm describing it's more than welcome :) )


For things that are innovative/different I show them:

-How you can watch movies from YouTube and upload them to SL for a group of people to view at the same time.

-Classes and how people actually can speak one on one to the instructor.

-How building works so they can have a deeper appreciation of the builds around them and what make up a majority of SL.

-The marketplace

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Commune Utopia is offering Community Space *free* plus starting book groups/writing groups/discussion groups.

We are a thriving, busy community of free thinkers and bohemians who have a new Community Centre with many rooms for groups to use with no charge. We have a Writing Snug for scribblers who'd like to meet others with the same passion (and perhaps join our speed writing events). We have a well thumbed Library for those dreamers and thinkers who love to share their addiction to books (and maybe join our monthly Book Group). We have a Debating Circle in front of the fire with many cushions for the folk who enjoy lounging around and discussing subjects dear to their hearts. We have a Speakers' Conservatory for the visiting specialists who'd like to tell us about their world and enlighten us to what goes on outside our little sim. Add to that games of Uno and Greedy, a meditation room for people to clear their heads, a noticeboard for connection, and an empty gallery space for people to share their projects with the rest of the commune each month. 

Search for Commune Utopia and see how one very friendly and inclusive community can really cooperate together to make good things happen. 

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Lets see as a newbie I Got all the free boats and vehicles i could and would drive and sail. My alt when new discovered a sim for newbies called newbia. I wonder if it's still around. Anyway, they have free appartments and it is basicly a community for newbies. Another thing cool for newbies is to create your own superhero costume in metrotopia. They also have free weapons and other things there. Also shopping at the verious free stors is fun even for a non newbie. 

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