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Posed mesh statues and skin weighting

Napili Sands
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I'm trying to make a posed mesh statue in Maya. I got my skin bound to the skeleton and posed it the way I want. When I upload it, if I include skin weights, the preview shows the correct pose. After I rez it, it goes back to the T position. If I don't include skin weights it only shows the T position. Detaching the skin in Maya results in it going back to the T position.

My question: How can I lock the skin in position so it keeps the pose?

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I know in blender there is a way to "Freeze" the armature when you export it. Hrm, Googling.

From what I understand in maya

you should go : Edit ---> delete by type ----> history.

So essentially get rid of the armature and then export?

I wish I knew maya to help you

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I  rigged a skin shape, then used the armature to pose it.

I was also able to do it by selecting the skeleton hierarchy, then the mesh, and parenting them. The skeleton dissapeared, there was no longer an option to include skin weights during upload.

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