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Realtor Assistant

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Darling Paradise Manager Purplekittyz is in need of an ambitious, motivated, and loyal realtor assistant who also has integrity, patience and the ability to multitask. Your duties will not be much. Just a few small task to do every day. I will make a list everyday stating what I would like for you to do. Most of your duties will be as follow


  • Forum advertisement
  • Get to know most residents
  • Track skybox prims
  • Help prospective buyers
  • And other things.
  • Enforce the covenant

If I do not give you a list I most likely don’t have nothing for you to do.


Since the job will have a lot of down time there will be no L payment. You will get to live on a 200 prim lot for free with your employment. If employment is terminated you will have to move off the land or rent another parcel.  Please pick up an application at my office http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Darling%20Paradise/100/134/24 and leave it in the drop box. Friday will be the last day to apply.


Please do not apply if you: work for another rental, under 3 weeks old, do not know the basic of SL, cannot do simple math, are not an adult avi or if you cannot put a decent amount of time to do task.

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