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Can't empty/purge trash folder, Please help! D:

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Hey everyone,


I haven't been able to empty/purge any objects in my trash folder for several months and it is becoming increasingly frustrating, especially since I am very OCD when it comes to organized folders and usually don't let more than 10 items sit in my trash folder. I am really at my wits end with this issue and have researched and tried every assumed solution that I can find to try and get this resolved, none of which have been successful & so my trash folder is just getting fuller and fuller. Before I got this problem, I had started using both firestorm and the second life viewers (thanks to firestorms awful updates as of late) so I initially thought it may be the cache folders colliding, however, I did check and they are in seperate locations. I'll list below all the other things I have tried, that didn't do anything.


- Checked http://status.secondlifegrid.net/, of course. No known issues were there.

-Right clicking the trash folder and selecting "empty trash" (My usual method)

-Right clicking the trash folder and selecting "empty trash" on both viewers and then logging out and re-installing them.

- Relogging/TP-ing to a quiet sim and trying to empty trash/purge in small amounts there

-Restoring all of my trash back to my main inventory and then tried deleting them in small groups

- Cleared cache on both viewers  (then re-tried emptying trash after a re-log)

-Purging items in small groups (purging/deleting 10 by 10 instead of all at once)

-Clean re-installing both viewers, in doing so deleting settings/cache folders.

-Tried all of the above on both viewers


I have probably missed out other things I have tried, so before anyone just re-directs me to another post, chances are I have read it and tried the solutions, since I have been researching and trying to resolve this for all this time. I really have no idea what I can do to fix this, but the longer I wait the more and more trash is developing in my trash folder and the bigger the problem is going to become, judging from the look of my trash folder there is hundreds of folders and objects in it already and they just will not budge. 


If anyone out there thinks they have a working solution for this, or if you think I have tried everything I possibly can and my only other option is to contact linden labs, please let me know!!

Thanks for reading guys  :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: x



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Centerfold wrote:



Do you have any suggestions as to what topic of issue i'm experiencing, because none of the selections I am given match my issue


thanks guys x

As I said, you'll have to go premium to find the right category.  Basic accounts don't have the right to ask for support on most topics (except payment and logging-in issues).

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I know this thread is old, but I had a slightly different problem to Centerfold, and hope this reply might be of use to someone.
I'm not tidy; my trash was overlowing, and "Empty Trash" just wouldn't work, whatever I tried. I could delete individual items, but there were SO many it was a nightmare.

I noticed that right at the bottom of my Trash bin was a copy of the Library folder (how did it get there? No idea). I couldn't delete it, move it, nothing. It dawned on me at this point that maybe I couldn't empty trash because the Library folder is deemed essential.

What I was able to do though was highlight the bottom folder in trash, just above the "Library" copy, hold down SHIFT, and click on the top folder in trash. This highlighted everything inbetween, and I was then able to just R-click and delete the lot. I now have an empty trash bin except for the Library folder copy. :D


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1568 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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