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what tasks would someone suggest for a slave girl not in gor

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davidstar204 wrote:

looking for tasks for my slave girl to give her while I am away any ideas?

Well David (and welcome to SL!),

If I had a slave boy, I'd be away a lot. I need a vacation.

I've a long list of things I'd have him do while I'm ogling people on the beach in Waikiki...

  • Paint my ceilings. I'm 5'2" and that's a real pain.
  • File my taxes.
  • Explain to the neighbor kid that I am not a bitchy, I just have high standards. He won't believe it when I say it.
  • Plow my driveway, the tractor is in the barn. Pile the snow between the shrubs, not on them. I have high standards.
  • Eat the strange things my friend Mel brings. Tell her they're delicious. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I'd rather you suffer for it than me.

That's a start.

Good luck!

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Don't know anything about her (your post is absent all details), so I wouldn't feel right suggesting things for her.

However, this is a rough sample of things I can be expected to do as part of service without an Authority present:-


  • Make friends, encourage other people to make friends, acting as a social lubricator.
  • Encourage lust and curiosity in others.
  • Escorting, auctioning, temporary loaning or sale.
  • Product testing.
  • Cleaning my (or others') land.
  • Organising my inventory.
  • Accessory (cuff, collar, etc.) updates, maintenance, customisation.
  • Helping others to come up with bad ideas.
  • Completing building/scripting projects (for myself, others).
  • Collecting a 'shopping list' of items for myself or for a specific Authority.

There's also products available on Marketplace that will act as games of chance, inventing chores or tasks if you're feeling less imaginative.

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Some of the things I've done with My shy girl:

  • I've sent her out to take pictures of herself with naked men (sometimes she's to tell them, sometimes not) and sometime's she's dressed, and sometimes not.
  • I've left her places where she'd be seen naked, occasionally on a cross or wearing a yoke and spreader.
  • I have given her writing assignments
  • I have sent her on 'scavenger hunts'.
  • I have given her building/scripting/clothing creation tasks
  • I've sent My other girl out to give a given number of $5L oral favors


Lots of things are possible when when we're not here to supervise them.

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Why did you wanted to have a slave anyway? I mean...if I engage in any kind of roleplay, I usually have an intention or a certain thought at the beginning, some kind of motivation. From that starting point, its usualy not difficult to find something that fits or to get inspiration.

You sound like you just found a slave girl in your backyard. Maybe that kind of roleplay isn't really something for you?

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2572 days.

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